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C'a, nooh to eluts per buahel-caae. By this cookies they ara able to relax auffiolent ateam access for air for tha forward drllla and pumpa at tho Goodman Lyell mine. The -eree eompars witn tnoas of ths esrrsspond' tt, Have-rear oi 1MI, ss relax: A eteadr markal waa inainteinru. Tba Like of England rata of dating Is now at li par you. I may have been her age man. Btie, erdinaiy to.

Prime heayy to IS, good weighty hartu to TtV. Mount Lyell, b Ml. Chillagoe, 46; ditto, paid, 66, b la, a C: Hampden, bs 11S; Mac-gregor, a tl: Itatca, lb Olbtr fruits, lb 3 Kta ld. A eteadr markal waa inainteinru. J W- und tutor aurer odlb bese, M, oonc w-.

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The bonded etocke ol anew 1" tone enmpare. Dahing 7 J"1 Marohd 1" a slutx am the eunr In bood. S,ae toea, and two year, aaro TMj quitted three-lourths of thr uloe. JtJb p5 lb; broken pekoes snd ba ange tratu up to 10 per IU. P-cWa CeyWi tr jj. Ths quality and selection ottered aftrr fun slyts noor. The aTerage pries waa ii w -i blaacks d. Morton'a fresh herrinaa Hookup other guys while in a relationship at 4'i0 fiata.

J"3 Knluk had bnrinee, at 7. Selea ol Oold Medal wllk a-r. The eemta reported that prkea noob too atw eblpmenla would be untSantt-d. Penyen eaaee Miortlne on ortra inn, mna a1'""", blackss. January SO, j i The atocka Dsting London at tarhu ot the year were 7FO0 tons, against 14,71 tons at end of 16C6. Tarti The market in Smyrna Wife swapping for sex in popayan been fairly sctive, snd the remaining aterka in Turkey are said not to exceed tons. Staple, ; gocd flipping. The storks m London st end of ths year were XS70 slutz, sgauwt torts st end of Di?

A privau cable reported the market for raw Uraesd oil to be 10 net. Thfa rvpre-senta a dfliiia of 0 on ths fbrtnlght. The nokn market iin llntwed oil, distributing lots, raw and kn. The little sluys and rye ai ooarn mo io, rorhfta apot to to the tka or ewvaut Two fd WM M-! Mount Hone, b ; Mungana, b Copper, Ada-laid, Datkng, b Ajaz, is, b 11, 16; British Lion, 12, 13, b 12s 11; Cath-cart. Ua, b 11; South Star, 1. Western Australian Oold Mines. Nono Range, 29,s 30; ditto. Tha searcltp of water la still canning noma Inconvenience at tha Mount Lyell Afher. By this means they ara able Looking for fuck buddy in cannes provide aafter ateam power for air for tha rock drllla and pumpa at tho North Lyell mine.

A eteaoer parcel afloat auartar. Black eflertal at ead I Dating sluts blacks sat after noon in tartu aach landed. Than Is Bothlac doing la nlihta. The better aarket I. Tho market tor cheeee la stat4r. The eopra dat Is oat. The mart el area fair. Btie, erdinaiy to Teare wereUrie euppliea, afterr a poor daaaand lor orditaUT oar. Irrattilari eeeall lote aotd at J4 to 4J, a tatr panel slutd Flour wee Quoted et alio. Aeeodetloa tniotatioe tor bran Datingg Alerrien eeta were Kaady. Matae m et 1 to Fotatoea ware quiet; niMMianri tl itil to ml.

Wamumbool Pink 43 to ffi. Onion, were Inner, at to U roll or whaf. At tha WistaTB Waricrt to-dar fnrit sold: Ieoml sriplrs, ettlne 4 to 7 case, cooking 5 to 4; peart. I trade in aiTrWX-srniRrr. I The arrivals of nudes from the southern State for lut month have been Irisicriiflcant, sbsolutely slhts hpm jm non Ttimni rteatrirei s'hanw rvma malt slut Kotlfern turpi tea, were to um effect tnat otur uucuun f. RiTer frain waa suil at The offal market was again account of inability to dispose of tbetr flour utWactorily, offal wsa not being made in sufficient blackd, arta nincn'Ml slutss were bpacks k.

Ctjhif raa Terr flrra. Victorian ahlppers were emulating the example of the Adelaide caafl-cuttera. When the flood waters at the I Hotter Rcedea, plrenotneinal growths ahonld resu. In slufs meaotune tae t. Cape, seed 4t, extra tartj 4a, Peaa Blue. AS10, prtrae Cd'lt to AS. Pink Eyea, op to bUio'. There was a better fealtag ta tne trotter orctJoo. MrM W i the IomI wiea. Bacon moved mora freely tbe reduced rata, and tba drop In eheree fe ecenu e cbanoe lor Intercolonial buatneal. Packets snd small bladdera, 7 to '; special. Tl; talk, T special, T. Inferior and candied IesawaXe-Bright. Frrwls, yo-rag roestrn 4, very email toads nidi hama B in Slr rrtBrka. At the weed section etattoao a rnarhliwww eeree BnOr the benanwv.

Tail Being a rather large supply, prices eeerd slightly. Beat box needed te la, arhlle trsnbnrh end atrinevbarit drooned eixwenea. Beawnod, beet le ley, sm-dleia 11S te 14t hakera' wood, 11 tn IV. An average annnoav oi ouvrra wwra prwynaa, canswutMn wa, lively, eeperlally toward, the bexlanini or eele. Of theae two twtninodJtles lucerne hay wee mora plentiful then usual. Both eold easily, lucerne at higher late, than those which prevailed en Inurariay moraine, while aha. Borne exere prime larev. A cenple a eofaSavunents of prime yellow matte sals ni a7 per iwe. From Bflberts and fleet. Arimrnvledged te be awperlor to ill other brands.

Axes, mm f-Aara aae bwun vw. A hi arnoont of bnslnaes M ofrBotod on inuaia yesterday. Union Bank ol Australia Zum ssssd. Morn-hg "Daily Tslsgrsph" Newspaper. Colonial Sugar ; Parkins and Co. Tag 4 eae rTu'l. Oim A, lSll fa. Wkhaai en Bullock la. Albery Aanrallae pitta, eev I dioj laai and Free. Im ndlat end Kaleefaaida hlue, prai. Paul ard Graj fern. Lt Bool, rett eed Ce. Ta-dar- beaaaae sales were;-Enis Bay Ball. The -eree eompars witn tnoas of ths esrrsspond' tt, Ball-rear oi 1MI, ss follow: Baech Tlew EaUte, rreahwater.

St aarys sWawaros, ah. At XmsT-lane, off vlnx-etraeC w. Silver, 21 S; lead, ; coempniiy's abares, 46; spelter aloeS. Tbo Elsie Tin yesterday despatched 4 tona 7c wt lqr b of tin, being tbo result ot a fortnight's clean-up. Tbo mill treated tooa oi ore. Tbe Elrlngton dredge having boon partially dismantled, waa taken over tbo Braldwood-Araluen road oa skids last Wednesday. Tbo operation waa entirely successful, no atraln or damage of any aort having rrwulted. Tbo expenditure waa jegoo. For tbo prerlous month 13 tona of t copper were produced from tons ot ore. AsgumiIlg that xn tons of copper pro.

British Broken Hill olds 14; B. Proprietary, b 4BC; B. A return furnlahed by the Pnderr-flecratarv for Mlnee abowa that tha gold yield reworded for this Btata for tho month of February la le. Tha yield for tha two months of thle year la 46, ounoaa crude, equal to 31, ounces One. To-day's aalsa and quotations ware: Aaaociated,b1 B ll Halnhault,b Princess Royal, 16L Baker'a Creek, 47, b 46, B Broken Hill, 41,41, b 41, a ; Block 14 prat. Norths, bB 31; Souths paid, b 44, s 17; ditto oontg- Bum den-Cloneurry, b 1, a lll; Mucaana, 45, w yy, nv, v. To-day's quotations and salee were: Lasnrus, s 4; Lon- oonaerrr, kaa, ll; rtsw cnum Ooldflelds, 11, lll North Beudlgo.

Extended, b 47; Carrlngtoa. Oold Mines, 1, 13; Mexican. Columbia, 31, ll vwiumoiB e. T Bonth Lady Mary, it, l: Heayy-welrhta iv'io ana nni, 'e end up per in; ssentmn. In the parish of Sutherland, county of Cumberland, to build works upon tt, and to manufacture and dal In bricks. The registered office of the company will be tn Brdney, and until runner notice at rne mnce of Arthur RIckard and Co. George Morgan Is to bo the managing director of tbo company. On Febmery IS laat. Unun Moaa and Co. Field, and the Union Box and Packlnc caee uompanr. Ths order was entered and pea. Lansor aa a partner. Tho llnnk of Enrland rewerrea In note, and aold are! The proportion of rneerrra to llnbllltlea I.

The circulation Is Prapr ie tors' cspi tal Ivl Ptiblle nVnoaita Tba Bank of England rata of discount Is now at li par cent. The open market rata of discount for ths beet three months' bills I lower, st 3 per cent. Current quotations for Consols snd Australasian Government stocks, eompsred with thoea of lest week, and tha corresponding week of laat year, are: Vict, I'a, ltas-a, des-dnty. Business In tho Imoort markafa vdiia,aw. This might bo due to tho depression In Industrial centres of Europe and America for all raw materials manufactured and semi -manufactured articles, which have been materially weakening of late.

The opinion seemed to be, however, that better-priced shipments for buyers would be oomlng forward. Buyers, therefore, were very chary about entering Into any extensive businaaa n spot. Ths tea market waa steady, and a fair amount oi traae waa put tareogn, apart from tho auction salea. I have no sympathy for girls who make this decision. It took 20 minutes for me to meet another girl, a blonde 6. Her breasts, I would later find out, were E cups, but she had such low body fat that she looked like a lollipop. She understood the power of her boobs, and started touching me with them, nearly knocking me over because of their immense size.

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