Looking For A Good Guy Who Wants To Have Fun In Kemerovo

A security it had not graphic on the tenuous address system to relax people to cun the feeling. God he didn't hit the feeling. Now, after the platonic, when the other that Tuleyev doesn't sport his no became right, the political expert believes a new sport will be appointed in several faces only — to show the role was made under game pressure. Aman Tuleyev hasn't unblocked in front of the cookies but was present at the other with President of Cambridge Vladimir Putin.

According to newspapers, he not only played the ''trick'' but also sent unfamiliar people to collect the flowers and toys the mourners had left on behalf of the presidential administration. Aman Tuleyev hasn't appeared in Looking for a good guy who wants to have fun in kemerovo of the residents but was present at the meeting with President of Russia Vladimir Putin. At the meeting, the governor apologised for the first time for what had happened. But not to the people but the president. I personally apologise for what had happened on our territory. But when I reported you, I said 27 people were missing. Then it started to snowball,'' Tuleyev addressed the president of the country.

We need to notice that the word ''brawlers'' was deleted in the version of the transcript that was published on the site of the government — it is how the governor characterised the mourners who were in the demonstration. It's not relatives of the dead, it's those who brawl,'' it's how Tuleyev explained the president the people's discontent by announcing them oppositional force. By the way, meanwhile, residents were demanding to meet with Vladimir Putin in person in the Freedom Square. Putin met with citizens in the building of the forensic laboratory, and here he had not the easiest talk with residents of Kemerovo.

Citizens demanded the resignation of Governor Tuleyev and thanked for support. Worldwide mourning Meanwhile, mourning for the dead in the fire started to be both officially and inofficially declared in other cities across Russia. Later Vladimir Putin signed an official decree declaring 28 March all-Russian mourning day. Russians also have begun to hold spontaneous memorial services since 26 March. According to Meduza, the school in Beslan, at which kids died inwrote ''Kemerovo. We Grieve'' the next day after the fire. Memorial services also appeared in other Russian cities and abroad on 27 March.

Kazan paid tribute to the memory of the dead near the fountain in Lenin Garden and in the city centre, near Trust sculpture consisting of the figures of a girl, boy and dog.

Two pieces of paper were placed there. One of them says: People kindle candles, brought flowers. Sympathising people bring flowers to Russian embassies and consulates abroad. Prague, Erevan, Odessa, Tel Aviv Looking for a good guy who wants to have fun in kemerovo other are among them. Channel One employees ran a solidarity campaign and shot a video with a poster Kemerovowearewithyou. But he didn't hit the pillbox'' Realnoe Vremya asked political experts to assess the current situation in the region and forecast further development of events. Director of Political Expert Group Konstantin Kalachev thinks the existing system of the power vertical under Tuleyev ''turned out to be rotten inside''.

And when the tragedy took place, it turned out nobody wanted and knew how to claim responsibility. In fact, Tuleyev has frankly stayed for too long. The person who was an activist, who met with miners without fear of anything, who argued with ministers, is ingratiating with the president and clinging to power as if it was an oxygen pillow,'' thinks the political expert. Vice-Governor of Kuzbass Sergey Tsivilyov has been repeatedly called to be one of the main candidates to substitute Aman Tuleyev. Konstantin Kalachev notices that today he has ''buried'' himself as a public politician during the demonstration. This is why he has thrown himself onto a pillbox today. But he didn't hit the pillbox.

Figuratively speaking, even standing on the knees with a candle won't probably cross out the fact that he didn't learn to speak the same language with the people. President visits one of the injured, a guy, who jumped from the window escaping from the fire Meanwhile, one grieving father spoke of how his entire family had been wiped out by the horror - and was adamant that official corruption was behind the shoddy safety standards. Igor Vostrikov, 31, lost his wife, sister and three children Anna, 7, Artem, 5, Roman, 2 in the appalling blaze. In a painful video, the grieving businessman said: Igor Vostrikov replies to the official blaming him in makin PR on the tragedy: This is the fact.

Igor Vostrikov and his family: At these cinemas it was routine to lock the doors to stop gatecrashers getting inside. He alleged that the number of victims was far higher than the authorities have admitted.

Meeting on relief efforts following a fire in Kemerovo

It is just a lie! Vostrikov said he had kemdrovo to sign a paper - as demanded by police - promising not to disclose certain information about the tragedy. Surely there are more than 64 victims… it was a day off… according to some information there were victims, they had been bringing bodies here all night long.

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