No Relationships Or Drama Just Simple Clean Fun Wanted Tonight In Derby

I had yet antiquity birth to my second son, and had wild to lose the baby tides. I never used it Empire 2. Wanred how relationxhips we move on beyond that. Are we wanted to see another big september in the overall of Season 4. You realities were off the air from mid-December last gorilla to March this will. Wild that with all these new soap operas dynamics of Lucious to having a traumatic brain people. Forward derby offered both and in more say than I had ever used.

Favorite song to fub to? Too many to simlle that down, but I will pick a genre…punk rock!! Do you have any pre bout rituals? What are they for Home and Away Bouts? Watch derby, championship derby as much as possible. This puts me in the mindset for jamming and blocking. But I love listening to books that teach you something and reading fiction. So with that…the movies I like are actions, dramas, suspense. The music I like is punk rock Green Day, Rise Against, Antiflag, Bad Religion…to name the top four and pop-dance because dancing is more fun than running.

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What do you do outside of Derby? Derby is my place to be me…but outside of derby, my life consists of being the many roles that a person takes on in a given day throughout their lives. I am a mom, wife, sister, daughter, hydrologist, friend, and teacher. Outside of derby, I juggle these various roles and stress about whether I am doing a good job in any one of them. Derby lets me just focus on derby and I have measurable achievements at every practice. Outside of derby, there is no measurement after each task or role. The feedback does not come until much later, and some feedback does not come until your eulogy--hence, the constant stress and insecurity.

Derby is easy compared to outside life. In a few words can you explain how derby has affected your life? Derby is my ground zero, where no matter what happens, I can reset, improve, and move on. It is not just the sport that I am referring to…it is the people women and men, alike. Learning how they approach life, teach their kids, love their friends, and work at their careers is humbling. And then it all went Peter Tong, so to speak. So are we going into Empire 2. I never called it Empire 2. If we are talking about Lucious 2. But suffice to say that Lucious in Season 4 is going to be dealing with the aftermath of this event, the damage to his mind and his body.

Who is Lucious now? What is he dealing with? How has it affected him? How has it changed him? And how has does effect every member of his family depending what the answers to those questions are.

No relationships or drama just simple clean fun wanted tonight in derby is a big part of our story in Season 4 and that is a real reset. You aanted a little show called The L Word? With this reset and the dynamics we have in place, it is still very much to us about the world of music, about a label, and tun the culture. Twinning that with all these new soap operas dynamics of Lucious kust having a traumatic brain injury. A trope that would have been called amnesias in another era of television. In fact, every one of the Lyons is hugely important to us and we felt we owned to them to give them all individually and collectively a huge challenge at the end of the season.

OK, but staying with Season 3 still, after that three-month jump right at the end from the explosion to Lucious in a hospital bed in a coma and the introduction of the Demi Moore character, are we to assume that Dre has been running Empire after all? Has Andre been running the company? Does anyone know anything about his role in the car bombing that injured Lucious? So, then why a series reset now? There are a couple of answers to that. Firstly, we brought the Lyons to a near-perfect moment. Of course there were some unresolved issues, but it was a moment when there was peace among the sons and Lucious and Cookie have finally found their way back to one another.

Empire is all about conflict, the unexpected and high drama. So the only reason we would come to a moment like that is to blow it up, literally or figuratively — which we did indeed. So how do we move on beyond that?

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