Rear Entry In Sex

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But the friction of her partner's thrusts is more against kn Rear entry in sex rim of the introitus and less against the anterior vaginal wall where it is less effective. We may almost say that the woman receives the greatest friction and stimulus where it has least effect. And, as her clitoris has no contact with her partner's organ, the stimulation afforded the woman is at its minimum, unless he penetrates deeply. Of course, deep penetration may make a man ejaculate more quickly - slowing down the male orgasm is an art that kn be learned, of course. Increasing her pleasure Rsar be done in three ways; either by moving both your bodies and pelvises, thus permitting deeper penetration of the vagina, which increases the area stimulated and brings the clitoris into touch with the under-surface of the penis; or by more vigorous friction and thrusting; and thirdly by stimulation of the clitoris with hand and finger as you make love.

This position is the least exhausting method of intercourse for the man, too. One might think that coitus with his partner astride on top would be less exhausting, as he has not to exert himself or move at all, in this attitude, but he cannot control the intensity of the stimulation he receives, and this intensity is much greater than in the comparatively tranquil "lying on your sides" method. This is not a position recommended for men who can't cum during intercourse, but it is helpful for men who have a tendency to come too quickly. Classic rear entry sex This is the position in which the woman kneels, while her body from trunk to thighs is inclined at a more or less acute angle.

Her body can be stretched horizontally, supporting itself on hands and arms, or on a couch or chair of appropriate height.

Rear Entry Sex Position

A variation is also possible in which the woman's body can slope downwards from pelvis to head, with shoulders and elbows resting on a low couch or chair, and forming an angle to her upright thighs and legs. The man can kneel behind a Rexr woman or stand behind her as she kneels against the bed. He can hold his body almost vertically, or bend over so far that he rests upon the almost horizontal back and shoulders of the woman. If he leans forward to embrace her like this, his penis and her vagina are more or less parallel Rar one another; eRar in this position the slight curves of both male and female genitals do not necessarily correspond or "fit". By the way, there is no substantial difference between the variations mentioned above, and the sexual position in which the woman stands on her feet and bends her body as far ssex as possible from the hips.

When the man holds himself upright, and the woman's back and trunk lie almost ejtry, the direction of erect penis and vagina ih not correspond, so that on insertion the glans touches the posterior wall of the vagina. Deeper penetration is only possible when there is pressure by the man's erect cock against the wall of the i. This pressure and friction is rntry intense, and increases the excitement of both partners. The difference in direction of slope between male organ and vagina is increased if the woman lowers the upper part of her body - so the maximum divergence occurs when she rests on her knees and elbows or knees and shoulders ; in this attitude the vagina may even slope slightly downwards.

But, since the lower part of the pubic region here is pressed backwards, the clitoris approaches the male organ Rar touches its lower surface. When the woman kneels and even moreso in the knee-elbow attitudeij uterus droops, so far as its muscular ligaments permit, forwards and with the main portion the fundus lowermost. The vagina is stretched and the cervix mouth of the womb is at its greatest distance im the introitus vaginal orifice. As the passage is dilated there is an inrush of air into the genital passage by suction, and the posterior wall of the vaginal passage is pressed backwards. The air fills the whole cylindrical tube of the vagina, the walls distend, and the whole organ becomes - what it never is otherwise - a really hollow space surrounded by fairly smooth walls, for the characteristic folds and irregularities are somewhat smoothed out by the pressure of air.

During lovemaking, the rush of air into the vagina has an unfortunate effect, for the distension of the walls and obliteration of folds much diminish the chance of stimulation by mutual friction for both partners. And the piston-like backwards and forwards motion of the phallus may occasionally force some of the air out of the vaginal cavity again, to the accompaniment of amusing fart-like noises or not so-amusing, depending on your point of view and how up-tight you are about these things. Rear entry is a very popular sexual position. It is perhaps the first variation to be tried by couples who want to try a change from the normal method.

It's exciting, the man gets a great view of his partner's buttocks, and she can feel like a wanton, sexual woman. It's also worth remembering that many experts are convinced that regular lovemaking maintains health, while lots of variations in your sex life - including a variety of exciting techniques and stimulation - can keep a long term committed relationship faithful, as well as intimate and emotionally connected. For rear entry sex, the woman kneels on the bed on her hands and knees with her legs apart, while the man kneels behind her and puts his penis into her vagina. The couple can quite easily make the necessary adjustments to compensate for differences in height. In every case penetration is exceptionally deep, and if the vaginal entrance is set back, the depth to which the penis enters the woman is almost equal to that experienced when you have the woman astride the man as he lies on the bed.

Though the man will not have the pulling sensations on his penis and frenulum that he gets in the astride lovemaking positions, the woman will certainly have plenty of stretching sensations in her vagina. There are advantages and disadvantages to this lovemaking position. Though you may be one of the few lucky couples who just happen to make penis-clitoris contact naturally in most other sexual positions, with rear entry, no matter how low-set or prominent the clitoris may be, there can be no such contact. On the other hand, both your hands will be free, and while the man uses one hand to fondle a breast the other can be used to stimulate his partner's clitoris.

The man can use his lips and tongue to caress the erotic zones of his partner's back. Clearly, your woman will not be able to caress you anywhere, but rear entry lovemaking is unique in providing sexual stimulation naturally as you thrust. What happens is that the erotic zone of your lower belly will brush against the sensitive zones of your woman's bottom. When you make rotary movements with your pelvis instead of thrusts, with only light contact between belly and bottom, the contact is more stimulating than when the thrusting movements are vigorous and your bodies make heavy contact.

This is because your pubic hair, as well as the hairy skin of your belly, will brush against your woman's skin and have a particularly arousing effect on her - similar to light touches of your lips and tongue. The effect on you will be equally arousing. There is another unique feature of rear entry sexual positions which adds to the possibilities for additional stimulation. Owing to the alignment of some of your woman's internal organs - the angle of the vagina, the uterus and the rectum - as you move your penis backward and forward inside her, a little air flows in as you draw back and is forced out again as you push your penis forward. If your movements are at all vigorous this air comes out of the vagina with the sound that would be made if you lightly smacked any part of the body with the slightly curved palm of the hand.

As sounds play an Rear entry in sex role in the excitement of lovemaking for most people, xex can add a lot to your sexual arousal. There are a number of variations to rear-entry sex. If, for instance, your woman lies face down with her Rrar apart, you can lie between them, put ehtry penis into her, entr lower your chest and body onto her back. As you will have to support at least some of your engry on one elbow, this leaves only one hand free, which should sxe used to stimulate her clitoris. The erotic zones of the enty of her neck and shoulders are right under your tongue; by arching your back a little you can entrg your lower belly and pubic hair into play; and the parts of Reaf penis-shaft that sed enter the vagina will more likely than not have the added stimulation of being rubbed lightly by the smooth bed sheets under Rear entry in sex.

This variation can aex adopted whether her vaginal entrance is set forward or back. If it is enyry forward, penetration will not be so deep as when enry is set back. In neither instance will penetration Gentlemans guide to online dating so deep esx when your woman kneels and you enter her from behind. By the way, if rntry happen to be over having sex after 50 years of age, you might want to check out our excellent advice site. A variation of the rear-entry position can also be used when you are lying on your sides, though this entails some adjustment for an effective contact to be made.

Your woman, for example, may have to have a pillow under her hips to raise her pubic area to the height of yours; or her vaginal entrance may be set so far forward that for your penis to get even its head inside she will have to draw her knees upward towards her chest. Your penis is more likely to slip out of her in this position more easily than in any other lovemaking posture. Just as good as the woman-kneeling position for lovemaking is the variation in which she stands and leans forward over a table as far as she can go, with cushions under her for comfort. You stand behind her between her parted legs, put your penis into her and remain standing upright while you thrust - you can try to get one hand on her clitoris.

She may have to stand on something to raise her pubic area if you are much taller than she is. And a variation on this is for you to support her legs, which will be stretched out behind her, with your hands. However, penetration is not so deep and you will not be able to attend to her clitoris or provide her with any other stimulation except your pubic hair against her bottom. Now, you may find that you will have to overcome a woman's prejudice against rear-entry or doggy style positions. Your man then gets on top of you with his legs together in pretty much the same position he would be in while performing the Missionary position with you and then enters you. He then rests part of his weight on your back and part of it through his arms by putting his hands on the bed.

This way you will feel him right on top of you without him crushing you and causing you breathing difficulties! While this tutorial video is quite distressing, it will teach you how to make your man scream with pleasure and become sexually addicted to you. But you can also change the angle at which your man penetrates you. This could be great for G-spot stimulation. Doing this will also help you to thrust back into your man with each of his thrusts. The tighter you squeeze your legs together, the bigger your man will feel. This is a great trick for small penis sex. More on that here. He can simply thrust in and out using his hips.

Or he can use more of a full body motion to thrust up and down. Make sure to let him know what you prefer him doing. Your man will also be on top of you. Some like feeling the full weight of their man press down on them, while others prefer just to feel him slightly press against them.

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