Why Do I Stay In An Abusive Relationship

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High status adds obstacles Are the obstacles to leaving different for women married to highly respected, prominent relqtionship — the relationsship quarterback, the well-regarded army captain, the beloved minister? Research is sparse on this topic. The closest are a review of case studies and a survey of those married to police officers. Both show that, in addition to the obstacles described earlier, these partners are often reluctant to report the abuse for two reasons.

Strangers complimented him to me every time we went out. People said about her husband: Re,ationship example, in reltaionship study the public viewed an assault against an intimate partner as less serious than an assault against a stranger, even when the abuwive level of force was used. And while public acceptance of domestic abuse has decreased over timeblaming victims for their abuse still rslationship and is tied to sexist viewssuch as the belief that discrimination against women is no longer a stqy and men and women have equal opportunities. Even professionals are not Why do i stay in an abusive relationship dl such attitudes. In various settings, such as health caremarital therapy Single hottie in ometepec family courtprofessionals often fail to ask about abuse.

Professionals often insist on corroboration from official reports without giving any credence abuskve victim dp. Yet fear and shame hold victims back. Less than half of domestic abuse survivors make reports to the police or health care workers. Fortunately, professional training is available on how to respond to domestic abuse, from programs for clergy to judges to law enforcement. And to fight gender bias, the National Center for State Courts is applying new strategiessuch as exercises that increase awareness of unintended bias.

Ultimately, we need to prevent domestic abuse to keep it from happening in the first place. Involving boys and men is one promising approach, such as helping high school coaches model respectful behavior for their athletes and encouraging fathers to be more nurturing with their children. Thank you for your question. Many of us would not want to admit that many men, living with abusive wives, find it difficult to leave the relationship. Yes, statistically there are more abusive husbands than there are abusive wives. We also know that men are more prone to controlling and violence than women are.

However, we also know that there are some women who, without reason, are belligerent, angry, and violently aggressive. Their husbands do not know what to do to please them. These wives are unashamedly very loud and boisterous, excessively critical, mostly emotionally but sometimes physically abusive. Yes, men can be abused, too, and not because they are "wimps. In a world where so much is expected of men unreasonably soand where the men are traditionally raised to be the controllers of things and people, most men are ashamed to admit that their wives are beating them up. Why then do they stay?

Let me share with you five reasons, according to writer Nora Pina, why men stay in abusive relationships. I will add one more reason Why do i stay in an abusive relationship the end of the list. He may feel her abuse is caused by her emotional personality, PMS, or other hormone fluctuations. He decides to ignore her abuse because he loves her and wants the relationship to continue. In spite of the abuse, he may find enough good in the relationship to "make up" for the abuse. Often men do not see the pain and problems in marriage as easily as wives do. Men are usually more quick to forgive and forget. He may stay, not because he wouldn't be able to support himself, but because of the prospect of paying child support and alimony or dividing the marital assets.

He may choose to stay until the children are grown and then leave. While a man may stay out of fear, it is more often fear of what she will do to herself, rather than what she might do to him. Abusive women often threaten suicide if her partner leaves. Additionally, she may have threatened to make trouble for him at his job. It may be easier for a man to avoid or ignore abusive incidents if he has a demanding job, or reasons to be away from home regularly. Most men are raised to depend on women to "take care of them. In addition, they need the women to satisfy their sexual needs.

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