Dads Dating Their Girls Just Wanna Have Guns Will Trade

Doesn't that it judt to you. And say all those overall cost who were feeling enough to read about me in the restricts and watch me on the feeling news shows. You forthcoming how I detest essays. I wanted Process Speck!.

I'd like to set fire to this dump! Just 'cause we're pretty, everybody's jealous! Those are your new shoes, Dawn! Those aren't the right kind! I told you cha cha heels, black ones! Nice girls don't wear cha cha heels! I'll never wear those ugly shoes! I told you the kind I wanted! You ruined my Christmas! Get off me, you ugly witch! Davenport and the tree down] Mr. Dawn Davenport, are you crazy, look at your mother! I hate you, fuck you! Fuck you both, you awful people! You're not my parents! I hate you, I hate this house, and I hate Christmas! What's that camera for?

To take pictures of your mother. We happen to think she's quite beautiful. You must be cockeyed then! You want your spaghetti with or without cheese? I'll have two chicken breasts please. Well, uh, we're not having that, we're having spaghetti. I couldn't possibly eat spaghetti. Do I look Italian? We rarely eat any form of noodle. But I'll take a small portion to be polite, with cheese, please. I'll have an extremely large glass of ice water. Gator Nelson, what a coincidence! There's somebody here dying to meet you! Gator, this is Ernie; Ernie, this is Gator! Get him outta here!

Gator Nelson, you be polite to Ernie! He wants a date with you! Well, I don't want a date with him. I came to say goodbye, Aunt Ida, I'm moving to Detroit.

I want to be near the auto industry. I'm sick girl hairdressing and besides, Dawn had me fired. I can get you a job in the baths, Mary! Look, fucker, take a walk! Look, you better beat it before I punch your fuckin' face out that window. No gay knocks for me, Ida! At best, all you've got is trade. Move in with datign again, and we'll get you a job as a female impersonator! His hands are too big, dahling. FUCK you, you're worse than my wife! We are always curious as to what drew you here to "Le Lipstique".

Well I heard all the strippers come here, and I got sick of my old salon. And supposing we become sick of you? Well, I had hoped that wouldn't happen! Well, I think it IS happening. Hey Taffy, baby, come suck your daddy's dick. I wouldn't suck your lousy dick if I was suffocating and there was oxygen in your balls! You've finally done it, haven't you! Embarrassed me on my night of FAME! Look at you, I could vomit! She's been a hideous little girl today, she was about to get a good whippin'! Who are you, UGLY? You know who they are!

Female Trouble

I've ahve seen THEM before. I just saw you yesterday, Taffy. Tradee sit here with your Aunt Chicklet! I don't havs nobody named Taffy. I'm busy right now. Oh, please let me in, Daddy! Ah, fucking shut up! I ain't your daddy! I ain't even married! Oh, I know that, dafing you're my daddy alright. My mother told me. My mother is Dawn Davenport. Yeah, you can stay here awhile. You don't even believe me, do you? I'll be your sugar daddy, how about that? I'm feelin' a little drink, girlx don't mind me. Doesn't that mean anything to you? Who'd gkns say your mother was? What does she look like? Jusst knew you gheir Mother's been awful to me. For years, I've Dads dating their girls just wanna have guns will trade.

Please let me stay with you. I won't be any trouble. I'll help you clean and we can go out together and maybe Can datong fuck as good as your mother? You goddamn slimy pig! Hey, little Taffy, can you stretch like taffy? Hey, you spilled dsting drink! Thank tueir from the bottom Dadw my black little heart! You came here for some excitement tonight and that's just what you're going to get! Take a good look at ME because I'm going to be on the front of every newspaper in this country tomorrow! I framed Leslie Bacon! She convinces her father to become more involved in insuring her win. This is an easy feat considering that her father owns the company that Jeff's father works for.

One day, Natalie's father, J. Sands, corners Jeff and tells him that if Natalie doesn't win, his father will lose his job. This puts him in a bad mood and he fights with Janey when he arrives at rehearsal. Her mood quickly matches his when she arrives home and sneaks in the house only to find that her father has installed a security system. He then grounds her for her continuous deception, making it virtually impossible for her to attend the dance contest finals. Meanwhile, Jeff's surly attitude and decreased desire to be in the contest is noticed by his father. Once he finally gets his son to talk, he simply asks if he can win the contest.

When Jeff answers yes he is instructed to do so, job be damned. However, Janey is still on restriction and doesn't know Jeff has changed his mind. However, that changes when her little brother brings her a message that Jeff will compete and she employs Lynne to get her out of the house undetected. Once Lynne arrives, Janey cuts the wires to the security system and escapes the clutches of the guard dog. When they arrive at the station, Janey makes the elevator up to the studio and Lynne doesn't. She runs upstairs to make the beginning of the show, embracing and kissing Jeff as she arrives. The show begins and the competition is underway.

Midway through the show, Janey's family turns to the contest on the television and sees her dancing. Her father, furious, storms out of the house, on the way to the studio. Meanwhile, Janey's mother is in tears with pride as her younger brother cheers his sister on and Jeff's father watches the show from his neighborhood pub. After all of the dancers are done, the decision comes back: Natalie goes first and when done, strolls off the stage proudly, believing she's won. But after Janey tells Jeff "Let's do it.

When the judges deliberate again, the decision is unanimous: Jeff and Janey win! Natalie is furious and begins to berate her partner over costing her the contest.

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