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We were Anal escorts in erzurum to have Brother F. LaGard Smith for a seminar in Elbasan. He also came rdeshen spoke to the church in Tirana tonighht Sunday evening. A group from Tirana went to listen to him for Lookihg night as Nude horny women in biel spoke on "Male Spiritual Leadership. Fifth is something to which I am really looking forward. Many people are putting efforts into the preparation of this drama. Please pray that God will grant us patience as we make preparation for it, hsve we will do our best as we try to glorify God with this.

Please pray for all those that are involved in Looing. The church in Durres is going to host this year's rally. As you know my sister, Luiza is now here. Our apartment is close to the offices which makes all our Looking to have fun and please tonight in rreshen more convenient. Under the new conditions I can be more effective in the use of my study time. Therefore we thought that it would be selfish not to share the blessing. One Tknight we invited the teenagers over to sing. We started at 11 AM and stopped at 3: Looking to have fun and please tonight in rreshen had to stop, because some of us had to go to rehearsals, but haev had a great fnu together in singing and prayer.

This happened during the month of April. This fkn we thought that it was time to get the older ones together. We invited the college age members and older to come and join us on a Sunday evening right after our worship service. It was a bit late for some who had to take tests the next day, but we still spent two hours together. We had 15 come over on both occasions. I believe everybody had great time. These two months have been filled with activities. A lot of planning went into this day so that everything would go well. We ask pleasd members to invite their loved ones on this day. So they invite friends, family members, and relatives. We had something to eat, and after that we presented a drama.

The day was focused around forgiveness. Brother Wilson spoke on forgiveness. Then on May 3rd the Durres congregation hosted the second annual youth rally. The topic was based on 1 John 4: I had the privilege to speak from a second century AD amphitheater. Durres was a good choice for the Rally. When the Apostle Paul said in Romans Shelqim Kafexhiu the Albanian minister for Durres congregation had the final talk. Our sister congregation in Vlora celebrated her 10th Anniversary on May 24th. We went to rejoice with them. I believe that we had a great time there. We had put a lot of effort into the play. I know that several of the troop had to sacrifice from their special time of study to be at rehearsals and are to be commended.

Thanks be to God for their commitment. My students are doing well. Miran and I are studying together the life of Jesus. He told me that he would like to be baptized as soon as he finishes this book. I do not plan to rush him. I will try to let him make his decision at his own timing. I understand that my part in teaching him is planting and watering, and it is for God to give the increase at the right time. My other student Etleva is doing well too. She tries to prepare. Right now I am taking the basic preaching class with Butch. We have three more lessons to go before we finish. Butch is doing great work with the teaching. He brings many years of practical ministry to the class.

I am teaching the book of Acts. Alfred is teaching the Minor Prophets, and Artan Samara is doing the Life of Christ--a harmonious study of the gospels. As you know college is coming to the end. At the moment I have one more test to take for my classes and then the final test. The final test will cover all the knowledge gained in the last two years. One day I collected all the books and lectures that deal with the topics studied and guess what? There are about pages. Well I know there will be some repetition, but still that is a lot to review. Please pray that I will pass these two tests.

Some of you are well aware of what I have been through in my college studies. Praise God it is coming to an end! This will mean that I will have more time to dedicate to my Biblical Studies. It is my plan to start my Master of Religious Studies program this fall. I am trying to understand what my calling is, but I firmly believe that it is ministry. Whether in Tirana or some other town in Albania, God will show me the way. I am praying, and I know that several of you are praying with me on the matter. Wherever He leads me, I know that His grace will keep me.

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