Saf Seeking And Date For The Weekend In Yogyakarta

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For the Indonesian authorities who arrested Mary Jane, the case was simple: A woman was caught trying to enter Indonesia with 2. First, they said she was not given a lawyer or translator when the police were interrogating her in Bahasa Indonesia, which she did not understand at the time. Then during her trial, the court-provided interpreter — a student at a foreign language school in Yogyakarta who was not licensed by the Association of Indonesian Translators — translated the proceedings from Bahasa Indonesia to English, which Mary Jane was not fluent in. And third, her lawyer at the time was a public defender provided by the police.

As the brief trial came to a close in October — just 6 months after she was arrested —prosecutors asked the court to sentence Mary Jane to life imprisonment. But the judges handed down the death penalty. Mary Jane escorted by Indonesian officers during an appeal hearing in Yogyakarta on March 3, In AugustPresident Benigno S. At the time, Indonesia had a moratorium on executions and the clemency request was not acted upon. In Octoberthe new Indonesian president, Jokowi, was sworn in.


Lawyers hired by the Philippine government quickly filed a request for a judicial review or case review. This is normally the last legal avenue of appeal in the Indonesian justice system but requires that new evidence is presented. What happened to her appeal? The head of the foreign language school in Yogyakarta testified that the translator at the time was indeed their student. Veloso's lawyers also pointed to precedent: Saichon, who was sentenced to death by the Tangerang District Court in for smuggling grams of heroin, because of the same translator issue. Her sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.

Agus pointed out in court that Saichon knew what she was doing because the drugs were hidden in her underwear and she tested positive for drugs. On the other hand, Mary Jane's drug test was negative and she maintains she did not know the suitcase contained drugs. But on March 25, the Indonesian Supreme Court rejected the case review request. Mary Jane's family said the recruiter, Christine or Cristina, still lived in the same area they do in Cabanatuan. However, they say Christine had warned them not to speak with the media, not to turn anywhere or to anyone, because they are an international syndicate.

She warned that they could be murdered one by one if they spoke with anyone. We had supper, breakfast, snacks served by angmo flight attendants, first time in my life. After 7 hours, we landed in the land of kangaroos! We stayed at the camp for approx 3 weeks? Some of us got really homesick but there is no signal in the camp, our camp is in the middle of no where. There is only reception at specific areas. You will know when you see alot of people around the magical pole. Get Telstra or Optus sim card, also available at Changi airport. You may not have time to purchase them at the Rockhampton airport.

Btw, you wont be able to use your phone all the time in the camp, so just forget about being connected to the outside world.

Daet soldier will also given aeeking safari bed, sleeping bag and a pillow. The tent Saf seeking and date for the weekend in yogyakarta be very cramp and squeezy but you can make your environment comfortable if you keep your stuff organised and tidy. I will suggest bringing your groundsheet, just in case it rains and the ceiling leak, use the groundsheet to cover your bed. After all eate training, you will be too tired to bother about all the nudity. Im toilet bowls with cubical thw toilet rolls provided to use. Over there, food quality and variety are so much better. For the couch potatoes, kopi-kias and the otakus, your only entertainment you get to have in SWBTA is to go to the mess to watch movie or surf the net at the internet kiosk, the kiosk is a huge tentage with two rows of laptops.

There is a pingpong table-in a container and a gym-in a container for the gym goers. The mess is run by the local Australian, selling fries, carbana, chicken kebab, soft drinks, breaka. Flags of Australia and Singapore Weather and temperature: Follow the hydration plan or take initiative to drink up. The temperature difference in the day and night is drastically different. The night is chilly cold, i wear my long 4 pants and green socks to sleep every night. It is important to keep your feet warm, that will prevent you from getting cold.

Get a cup of hot milo and lepak at the cookhouse with your mates, best time ever. Remember to bring your Goretex jacket, the jacket will become your best friend.

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