When Your Husband Chooses Friends Over You

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When your husband chooses friends over you it should not be at the expense of your relationship. There should also be date nights, either outside the home or inside, when it is just the two of you catching up over a meal or a drink, or both. Even going for a walk together is a great time to chat and find out what is going on in each other's lives. So his nights with the guys should not mean that there is then no time for you because both of his worlds should not be mutually exclusive. Very often when couples are together for a couple of hours, without interruption from the outside world, they are reminded how much they like each other's company and what it was that attracted them to each other in the first place.

This can then lead on to the sexual intimacy which appears to be lacking in your case. I can understand that your husband may be tired but he cannot always be tired, and certainly if he is watching porn late at night then it seems he is using this as a substitute for a sexual life with you. This cannot continue, and it is up to you to stand your ground. However, instead of just complaining that you never go out together or that you rarely make love, try telling him how it makes you feel to be like this. Don't be put off by excuses or by being told that you are unreasonable because you are perfectly entitled to expect both his company on occasions and a sex life together.

No life is a bed of roses all the time, but you should be able to at least smell the roses occasionally, which doesn't seem to be happening now. He has gone off with an older man Question: I am a gay male in my 60s, living with my male partner for a number of years. I have known him for well over a decade and he is younger than I am. He had two affairs, both short-lived but I forgave him. At the start of our lives together, he was the emotionally weak one: I brought him with me sometimes. Emotionally, he became very strong and now I am the weak one.

The 4 Friends that are BAD for your Marriage

Last week, he said he was moving husgand with a new man he had met two months previously. It has knocked me out completely, and I cannot continue to function. He wants me to stay in the flat and meet someone else, but that is not on. I do not Achookupchar the cjooses to do anything and my health is suffering. I cannot think, eat or sleep. I am a total shambles. His new man is He says he wants to spend the rest of his life with him but he told me the same when we met. I do not know where to turn or what to do.

Please help Mary replies: It sounds like you are in total shock, as anybody would be if a partner of many years suddenly announced they had found somebody else. What you are going through is quite normal, so try not to be too despairing. Well, do you have bike? Prioritize your wife over your friends Spending time with friends is fun and relaxing. Will that person still work full-time?

Am I being unreasonable to expect him to "give up" his friends for a time for us to get our relationship on track? Are the two of you exploring together? I do not know where to turn or what to do. He lets his new "friend" call me many nasty When your husband chooses friends over you without sticking up for me. Hi,I suspect your husbands four friends are not attatched and so living the single life, your husband is attracted to some aspects of the life they have, whilst most of the time he is happy to be with you, when he is with them he likes the single ways, well this has to stop, understanding why he behaves with them the way he does is one thing but he choose you and marriage and so he needs to tailor off his antics with these blokes for the sake of his marriage.

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