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Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. But Telegram Messenger is worth a try: It replaces the default iOS keyboard Android is coming soon and checks your grammar, spelling and punctuation as you go. For example, if you share a photo in Instagram, it will also save to your Dropbox. When you get a missed call, your phone can email you a reminder. Or if you are nearing home, you can turn on your lights or central heating. Its latest tricks are working with smart speakers like Echo and Google Home. It too has alternatives offering an upgrade on its features. One great example is Just Press Record.

The 20 best apps to improve your smartphone

Best apps for guys can record with a tap and save recordings to the cloud. Best summed up as an Instagram version of the auction site, simply take a few quick snaps of the item you want to sell, fill in some basic details, and your clothes will be listed as images in grid form for all to see and buy at the push of a button. Find something you like? But Cool Guy can change the way you look at your wardrobe.

Take pictures of your clothes and guyd the app Bedt organise dor into outfits. Being able to trial mixing and matching lots of different pieces Best apps for guys a screen — rather than trying them all on — gus a surefire way to become more adventurous and avoid getting stuck in a style rut. This clever app allows you to take photos of your favourite looks, get feedback from others and can even act as an alarm clock, waking you up with suggested outfits for that day based on what the weather is doing outside. Available free on iPhone. KicksOnFire The app no self-respecting sneakerhead should be without. You can even build wishlists, earn virtual currency points to win trainers and share your favourite releases with friends.

Available free on iPhone and Android Mod Man Mod Man offers an easy way to organise your wardrobe, helping build looks from the pieces you own while on the move. Just snap pictures of your favourite items then create and plan outfits by placing them side-by-side in a collage. Think your outfit is missing something?

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