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We don't no money from designers and from normall. Hardly, local residents was founded a very search fan group. The passion now plays very good press. After 8 years when the other started to becomes difficult again Markos Fourlanis wanted over the club. Ultimately many years at the sport refounded in the same way.

As you saw the county of Aitoloakarnania has no so many immigrants like Athens and Thessaloniki. None of immigrants is coming from Amvrakikan Valley because the valley is looking at Italy. Dolphins have fans that they are immigrants but they are not so active. Of course they coming and watch Panamvrakikos but they don't singing chants so often. The chants the pyroshows, the choreographies, the tours, the clubs are many and very wonderful. The rivalry is big between clubs. The violence also is high but last years some weapons have putted in their fights knifes, Looking for normal chill girl in agrinio knuckles and this is crazy.

These are modern fights and we don't like them. Look, in Greece the most of fans in our opinion are against fascism and Golden Dawn. But Golden Dawn the last years grew up. We don't fear and we don't stay uninvolved. We can say that our group is classified to movement of antifascists. Our group looks first not to grow up a fascist movement or group in our village. But if this will happened we will use mercy. It's the only way. These people don't understand and they don't change minds. But first of all we try not to grow up. Because of this reason we believe that belong to the movement of antifascists. Fights with right wing there aren't exist.

And that's because we have not many fascists in our location. Pavlos was known for some of us as rap artist. When we learned about his murder by Golden Dawn's member our hate about them became more. These fascist members were to prison but nothing happened. They are still here. They are living between us. Anyone who has a different opinion is their next victim. A victim was Fyssas. Another victim was Lukman. This situation is crazy like these people. Our choreographies and unstoppable singing is attractive. Also it have fun. So, yes we have girls and children and we want girls and children on tribune.

We have no problem with them. They help us and support our action. Although we have some reservations about them and the reason is that we don't know their attitude at the future when Panamvrakikos will going through difficult times. But today our relationship is more than better. Especially if we are talking about a weak team from the local championship. Think that Athens is inhabited by 4. Last years sold out in these stadiums is rare. So think a village which is inhabited by people. This is the reason why is it so hard. Although more than people come every match to watch Panamvrakikos. We believe that every team big or small have some fans.

The problem is that they support more the big and popular teams. They don't support their local team as much as the popular team because is not popular. But when it happens we take place of course. Although we don't take place if it haven't equivalent procedures. Although nothing is excluded because at Eleftheriakos Volou fans self-organized team at Volos they gave fine for a political banner.

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The political system sucks and as you saw yes the laws are strict for the fans. At what transport you prefer to travel? The greatest tours were to Athamanio at Tzoumerka, and to Ioannina. You can find photos at our facebook link Dolphins Grouppo ' At Tzoumerka and Ioannina we travelled by bus. But when the tour is near to our location we Looking for normal chill girl in agrinio by car. By type Apifarhos and similar projects. Do you have contacts with the Radical Fans United? The Football was more wonderful without sponsors and lifestyle. Teams like Apeitharxos aren't exist in Amfilochia and Arta yet. As the years go by, Looking for normal chill girl in agrinio teams become more and more.

This summer except Apeitharxos, Aftonomi P. So we will for some years to see a team at Arta or Amfilochia like them or we will try we to create a team like them. Our relationship with Radical Fans United is the same as other clubs which have the same actions and opinions. Can I go free? In B Category are 16 teams so the devided ticket is normal. Although in contrast with other teams which their ticket of a match cost 5 euro our ticket is 3 euro this year. That was a victory of Dolphins that tried to make affordable the prices of tickets. We discussed with the president and finally they changed the price of ticket. We live in economical crisis but we don't want to get out the people from stadiums.

We want the local people to support the team. Yes anyone can get in free. We want the decriminalization of marijuana. And the reasons are obvious. Although we like to drink alcohol more than marijuana at matches because marijuana chill us and we don't want this. We want to sing loud and to stand proud for Panamvrakikos. Draws you own graffiti and banners? Although we have a local bar where take places our discussions and meetings. We make graffities and we like too to create banners. Banners are more than people of group: That was a festival who took place in Bouka this summer Beach soccer 3v3, graffiti actions, summer cinema and a lot of beer.

Also anyone could bring some clothes and to take others free. That called Solidarity Bazaar. During this month of capital controls and political and economical crisis in Greece we managed to organize this festival. These actions for such small societies are very important. We have saw only videos on youtube about your tribunes. My mind races to that Perle du Lait advert as a small piece of evidence for the competition felt by women and the steps they will take to keep up. It is an advert in which a dinner party host offers her three female guests pudding. Long story short, the guests raid her house, as we all would in the face of such an offer- naturally. Bizarrely enough they find nothing under the sofa or in the drawers which answers this pudding conundrum.

Then they find out the host means yoghurt and then they all laugh because they are all thrilled about that … personally I do not class yoghurt as pudding. At moments like that, it would seem the entirety of female society is doomed. Then, to add insult to injury, society keeps recommending yoghurt as a way to get there. OK, perhaps I am overreacting, especially about Perle du Lait. Izzy, a researcher at the BBC, gives me a reality check. It would seem our own happiness has a direct effect on how we look at others. Go and do something with your time that gives you a greater sense of self. Maybe I will, after all, speaking French might give me an edge on the competition, right?

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