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The 'British Blue' variant can often be confused with the grey Scottish Fold. However, British escorts in vinnytsia Shorthair can be characterised by having its pointy triangle ears, whereas the Fold has softer, folded ears. They are slow to mature in comparison with most cat breeds, reaching full physical development at approximately three years of age. Unusually among domestic cats they are a noticeably sexually dimorphic breed, with males averaging 9—17 lb 4. Moorhead sex dates in agartala and colour The British Shorthair's coat is one of the breed's defining features.

It is very dense but does not have an undercoat; thus, the texture is plush rather than woolly or fluffy, with a firm, "crisp" pile that breaks Moorhead sex dates in agartala over the cat's body as it moves. Although the British Blue remains the most familiar variant, British Shorthairs have been developed in many other colours and patterns. Black, blue, white, red, cream, silver, golden and-most recently-cinnamon and fawn are accepted by all official standards, either solid or in colourpoint, tabby, shaded and bicolour patterns; the GCCF and TICA also accept chocolate and its dilute lilac, disallowed in the CFA standard.

All colours and patterns also have tortoiseshell variants. Temperament They are an easygoing and dignified breed, not as active and playful as many but sweet-natured and devoted to their owners, making them a favourite of animal trainers. They tend to be safe around other pets and children since they will tolerate a fair amount of physical interaction, but as a rule do not like to be picked up or carried. They require only minimal grooming and take well to being kept as indoor-only cats; however, they can be prone to obesity unless care is taken with their diet.

Health The UK breed committee considers the British Shorthair a long-lived cat, with a life expectancy of 14—20 years. Vet clinic data from England shows a median lifespan of Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy HCM can be a problem in the breed. A Danish prevalence study with more than cats showed that On top of this 6. HCM testing of males used for breeding is now mandatory for breeders organized under the Danish Fife member, Felis Danica. The breed is thought to be at high risk of polycystic kidney disease PKD. The original picture apparently came from the front page of happycat. Smokey the cat in E. White's children's novel Stuart Little was a British Blue.

A silver tabby British Shorthair is the mascot of Whiskas brand cat food.

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Arlene, Garfield the cat's Moorhead sex dates in agartala, is portrayed as a British Blue in Garfield: Puss in Boots from the Shrek franchise is described as and closely resembles a British Shorthair, although he speaks with a strong Spanish accent. One of the villains in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable is a British Blue which transforms into a plant. References Geyer, Georgie Anne. When Cats Reigned Like Kings: On the Trail of the Sacred Cats. The International Cat Association. Archived from the original on October 31, Fitbit Source of information: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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