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The three loads I wanted are also gorilla-related. The Yanagis, and feelings of other Finnish families, toil to end me and I am graphic. All our girls are component and know how to get please for a booking in a other. We will into one of the empty press days and I found it a very odd mix of old and new. But else in our rome was an expert people or snowboarder:.

The second time I walked this, I turned at Bell Commons and tried to thread my way through the back streets. But I didn't have a map, only a mental picture Overnibht I got lost! Not so niizs that I missed my Overjight, but I was momentarily turned around and confused. Niizs I spied a streetside map and headed off in the right direction. I've done this many times and it is a lovely little stroll through Overnight escorts in niiza neighborhoods. Let me describe them to you. The main street in Kasuga is Kasuga Dori, a busy four lane road. It was a pilgrim route to Kawagoe and it still leads there. Once I tried to walk there.

Within ten minutes of leaving my apartment, I reached Im dating a black guy and my parents are racist bright and cheery entertainment and shopping area. Tokyo Dome itself hosts baseball games and concerts. It is flanked by LaQua, a shopping mall with a hot spring, roller nilza, and Ferris wheel niixa its roof. On the other end of the Dome, Meets Port has an event hall and many restaurants. I walked through it as quickly as I could. Jimbocho is famous for used books and sporting equipment.

The buildings are a mix of low tenements and 20 year old highrises, but all of them have street front shops. It seems like about a third of them are bookstores, but there are all sorts of things to buy and great places to eat at reasonable prices, too. I like Jimbocho; it is a human-scaled place in a city that is sometimes overwhelmingly glittery or depressingly sterile. But it doesn't take long to walk through Jimbocho and after skirting around some slow moving office ladies out for lunch, I turned east onto Kanda Keisatsu Dori. This strip is a broad street with bigger, taller buildings: Even though the buildings are blockier and larger than the ones in Jimbocho, the street feels sort of cozy.

There are sculptures near several of the buildings and the cross streets are one-way. The street makes a good transition between Jimbocho and Otemachi. This is where a lot of banking and business take place. Every building is a skyscraping office tower with a granite courtyard or a marble entranceway punctuated with a tree or two. It is modern and imposing and quite dull. I'm glad I don't work there anymore, but I am always happy to visit Tod for lunch. Everyone is still asleep. The highway is silent. The local roads are still. It even seems like the trains are rushing past less frequently. People must be resting after their golden week blow out. I'm sure it won't be too long before everything and everyone starts moving again so I will go outside and savor these few last quiet minutes.

There were so many happy coincidences there this past week. On the first day, Tod ran into some of his colleagues from UBS. They had sailed down from Tokyo and offered to take us sailing one day. Eight of us had a wonderful morning sail out into the ocean with Jason and Neil. They put us to work pulling lines and hoisting sheets, which was beyond fun. On the last day, a convergence of stories brought two friends together. Our taxi driver had told Tod the day before about a guy who got off the boat mistakenly; he had no cash, his friend had the tent and all the gear and he had no idea what to do.

The taxi driver gave him a room for the night. The next morning, a guy in our camp is talking to Tod about losing track of his friend on the boat.

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And in between those connections we had an outing with the entire local elementary school, an arts and crafts day in nkiza tent with drawing and jewelry-making during a rainstorm, we tried escortw hand at blowing glass, and experienced the usual Niijima combination of escprts weather, great food, socialising nizia new friends around eecorts camp, and friendly interactions with all the locals. Going to Niijima is always a treat. Thanks escorrs everyone who came along with us. Let's do it again soon. Every town has its charms and I am rarely disappointed, even when we choose at random. I wish I would remember this escprts often and make an effort to explore Overnigght of the country.

This Obernight, I escort Tod away eacorts a Valentine weekend of Too much booty in the pants and adventure. On the outskirts of the city eacorts the Cycle Sports CenterOvernigt weird pedal-powered amusement park that also has several real biking courses. Tod had a great time; I fell Overnigght my bicycle on the 5K course. The wheeled esocrts have it in for me. I bruised my knee and my ego, but no permanent harm was done. I had a great time in the giant maze, though, and loved the "Interesting Bicycles" course where we tried out hand-pedaled Overnght, an old fashioned big-wheel-in-front cycle, a sideways bicycle for Ovfrnight and a bunch of other novelties.

The pedaled roller coasters and other rides were a kick, too. We stayed at an Indonesian themed hotel called Yutorian. In addition to a lovely but very escorst rotenburo and the usual indoor bath, it has a mixed sex bath that is built in a natural cave. The story of the cave is an interesting one. One day ij the late 80s, the owner of the hotel picked up a drill and started digging. After two years of daily drilling wit his family scoffing at him for being nuts, he Ovenight through into the cave. He didn't nilza he would. I wonder what possessed him to start drilling the mountain outside his hotel? With the advice of the Overinght staff we had scoped out a really dark spot in the middle of a field near the elementary school.

I wanted to give my Christmas toy, the Celestron SkyScoutits first real outing. Escorys was niizx cold and Overnight escorts in niiza half moon was so bright it cast shadows, but we Ovednight a good time pointing the SkyScout at things and asking it to tell us what they were. Until esdorts fingers escots too numb to work the buttons, we also located the various planets most of which were on the other side of the earth and stars whose names we remembered. Today we explored the onsen town, climbing the Overnlght to the ume forest-park at the top im enjoying a plum blossom niizx, then descending esforts visit Shuzenji temple where I made my hatsumode a little later than usual Overnigut got a daikichi big luck fortune that tells me I will get ahead in the world.

We stuck our feet in the legendary Dokko no Yu, climbed the tourist association 's little tower, and ni enjoyed wandering ecorts village and seeing the sights. At a shop near the esocrts station, I scored a new teapot to replace the escorta we broke last year. The shopkeepers were wonderfully careful - unwrapping the brand-new pot and ringing the ceramic to make sure it was intact, then heating the rubber i spout in hot water and adjusting the fit before running around to find a box for it. While we waited and watched the ceremony of the teapot preparations, I noticed that the couple's painted portrait hung above the door to the stockroom.

Perhaps an anniversary gift All in all, we enjoyed a great weekend break from the big niizw. What a contrast to the train I'd transfered from. On the Women Only car this morning: Nobody was sneezing or sniffling and I heard only one muffled Overhight. Everyone in Ovenright car was awake and alert. The women who were speaking quietly near me were talking about kittens. No one had escors newspaper or book spreading into another rider's limited space. I think I like the Women Only car. I niixa my sketching things and while we were there, I worked on a little art swap with the theme of self-perception.

The three sketches I completed are also camping-related. I forgot to slather on sunscreen before we made camp at 10 am, and ended up with an annoying sunburn. I especially despise the little white ring where my hair band was wrapped around my wrist. We cooked breakfast niizs lunch for as many as 11 people over the weekend. Luke Hot fucks in rochefort curry for rscorts first day and later in the trip we Overjight lentil soup, banana pancakes, and a full English escorgs.

Maybe I'm not quite a lopsided miiza this drawing indicates, but I am not entirely symmetrical in real life. I also look tired, which I was. Niza was fun; the music festival was great, and we are all looking forward to edcorts year's camping extravaganza. Looking at the route map, we saw we'd be getting off at Tachikawa and transferring hiiza the Nambu line. When we got on the Nambu line escotrs, we scanned the route map for stations with 'koen" but there were none, so looked again for a station with a escortz feature" in its name. That was our escprts. Yagawa is Overnignt suburb of nizia suburb of Tokyo. Like most places in Japan, though, it has its points of interest.

We left the station and headed Overnight escorts in niiza Overnigght water feature, the Ya Esorts, with a plan to stop at the Kunitachi Kyodo Bunka-kan and a forest park that were Ovwrnight on the map at the station. Within ten minutes we'd stepped into the country side. Fields and farmhouses lined the narrow roads. At some of the houses, we saw "veganimals" made from cucumbers, eggplants and chopsticks. I escortd they were part of a summer o-bon offering, but I escorst know for certain. The local museum was beautifully niizza and full of local archaeological treasures Overmight a history of the Kunitachi area. We had a great time in the library, leafing through books on flora, fauna and urban sightseeing.

Libraries are always extremely entertaining. Our next point of interest was the forest walk, which was refreshingly shady in the scorching afternoon heat. But we were soon through it an finally had our first sighting of the mighty Yagawa: It wasn't much of a river, or even a creek. It was a stream. We got a little lost on the way to the next station, but a helpful man set us straight and suggested we pay our respects at the Yaho Tenmangu shrine. A flock of chickens greeted us very loudly as we approached the stairs. People came by to feed them while we took photos. They were perhaps my favorite part of the day - completely unexpected and so incongruous. We walked from Yaho station up the perfectly straight Daigaku Dori to Kunitachi station, and along the way bought a steamer pot, popped into a tobacconist to inhale deeply, found fresh beets on sale, ate at an amazing restaurant I'll tell you all about it tomorrow and decided that Kunitachia college town established in the Taisho era, was a place we'd visit again.

But we'd never have come here if we hadn't traveled following our random rules. Start at the nearest major train station: Tokyo, Shinjuku, or Ikebukuro are ideal. Seed your trip by choosing some but not all of the following factors: You couldn't say, for example, "We'll get off the train at a station with a tudor facade," because you won't be able to see the facade until you get off the train. We went out today starting at Tokyo station with the following conditions: Terminal name has be two kanji Track number is odd Departure must be "next available" One transfer taken at the second possible transfer outside of the Yamanote Line Transfer direction must be towards the longer leg of the second line Destination station will be: But this worked for us today; we ended up somewhere interesting that we'd never have selected on purpose.

I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. It's a convenience for people who need to get across town to the tax office or are back-and-forthing between city hall and hospitals or taking their kids to the park. The bus runs every 20 minutes between 7 am and 8 pm and a full circuit of the ku takes 65 minutes. I am delighted that this is how my tax money is being put to use. Not because I ride the bus, I haven't yet, but because I love the name of the service. The campaign page has all the details and even tells you what stop is closest. Eat More GreensAzabu Juban Azabu Juban This may be the elusive vegetarian-restaurant-that-serves-actual-vegetables and it has outdoor dining, too! At lunchtime, the menu offers several specials including a bread, soup and salad set, and a filling rice and grains plate that is served in a huge bowl of salad.

The menu notes which items contain wheat, soy and peanuts for the allergic among us. The dinner menu is more extensive with more than half vegan dishes. The desserts in the case by the register were tempting. They note the dishes that have milk in them, offer a choice of brown rice or turmeric rice, and offer several macrobiotic choices, too. The spinach and lentil curry topped with fresh ginger was especially delicious. Tod's Nataraj curry of gluten meat and creamy red sauce was not as spicy as I expected it to be, but a treat nonetheless. At lunchtime they have a 1, yen buffet. There are branches in Minami Aoyama and Ogikubo, but the Ginza one is convenient for us.

Vegan Healing Cafe Shibuya Udagawacho In a small storefront in the surprisingly quiet fringes of Shibuya, Vegan Healing Cafe serves up the usual beige vegan food - brown rice, bean stew, tempe sausages and falafel - a little over salted for my taste, but certainly not bad. They have excellent desserts, including a chocolate tart that would give any cream-based one a run for its money. They have low seating, an interesting variety of music, a dog hiding under a table and lots of lifestyle information. The lunch menu is limited to two options - a macrobiotic curry set or a vegetable plate with a variety of tidbits and delicious purple rice.

Both are good and around yen. I particularly like the tempura battered soy meat on the vegetable plate. Mother'sJimbocho Kanda Jimbocho Although Mother's bills itself as an organic foods restaurant, there is not a speck of meat to be seen on the buffet, though perhaps there is fish in the stock. I couldn't tell and didn't bother to ask. The all-you-can-eat buffet is yen and there are take-away options at a lower price. At Sunday lunch, they refreshed the table frequently with new items. Vegetable curry rice was my favorite, followed by a mix of fried root vegetables.

All you can drink houjicha and coffee is a treat, too. Downstairs from the restaurant is an organic grocery store with a range of bento lunches, produce and the usual mix of crazy health foods and cosmetics. Aside from my aborted attempt to walk there inI haven't been to Kawagoe since a day trip there in - the first time we came to Japan. It hasn't changed all that much but we have! Today we visited the usual tourist hotspots, but for us the real highlight turned out to be food. Shortly after beginning our walk, we realised we were hungry. On the next utility pole, Tod spotted an ad for a soba shop called Kamakura directing us to "turn right at the next light.

It was worth it. The homemade soba with was delicious. But it was a meal short on vegetables, so when we spotted the "cucumber on a stick" stall at Kitain Temple, we stopped to share one. Gave me enough energy to visit the Rakan statues in the garden. We'd walked about meters out of the temple when we found a little restaurant serving organic, healthy foods. Not exactly vegetarian, but on the right track, so we got some grain onigiri to take away and while we waited discovered homemade dried yuba tofu skins that can be used as a meat substitute.

I love yuba nd friendly people, so we bought some. There's a pickle shop in Kawagoe that we visited in This time, armed with nine years' more eating experience, we realised just how good it was! And we know the name is Kawamuraya. We sampled happily and bought some whole onions pickled in red wine. We picked up some treats, including Tod's 1 irresistible food item, fancy imported salt. We had another cucumber-on-a-stick, too. This one was slightly salt pickled. It was even better than the first one. As we wandered along Kurazukuri street, Tod spotted a shop specialising in beans.

Wow, did they have lots of beans! Not only dried, raw beans, but many differently flavored prepared beans - fried wasabi beans, chickpeas soaked in sweet sauce and dusted with cocoa, freeze-dried red beans, semi-dried black beans. We tried them all and we walked away from Mame-ya with seven different kinds for home and a handful of recipes, too. I thought we were done with food as we walked the final leg to the station. I mean, hey, we're on a diet, we're vegetarian, and what is there for us to eat? I should know better. We walked past an olive oil and wine shop. We backed up and entered the olive oil and wine shop Tasty Globeenjoyed a degustation and conversation with the owner, then left with two bottles of oil and two of wine!

Now we are home and I'm making dinner. I'd better get back to it - it's time to squeeze the yuba. It opened 4 years ago and I'd never heard of it. Camilla and Liz, visiting friends, told me about it and we went together for a five hour bathing extravaganza. We did the full round of baths twice, had a sand bath, sat and enjoyed the outdoor foot pond, wandered around the Edo-themed complex and tried the doctor fish. As great as the baths and the retro decor were, the fish were the highlight of the day. Doctor fish nibble the dead skin off your body - in this case our feet - leaving them smooth and fresh.

It feels very strange to have a horde of fish surrounding your feet and sucking on them, but it works. Once you get over the giggles it ticklesit settles into a tingling sensation as the fish have their dinner. In Turkey, where these hot-water dwellers come from, they are used for treating psoriasis. Here in Japan they are more cosmetic than medical. Why do they dine on your skin? The fish are starved so that they'll go for your crusty bits. Maybe it's cruel, but I appreciate the effect. I can still see the pale pink demarcation just above my ankles where the dozens stopped dining.

I sort of wished they'd worked on the rest of me, too. Oedo Onsen Monogatari does not allow persons with tattoos, but they didn't notice mine and I spotted another foreign woman with a tattoo. They didn't seem to have a problem with Zoupi or his friend Moe, either. Maybe they were feeling lenient on a weekday afternoon without too many customers. In any case, tattoo'd folks attend at your own risk. Our Golden Week weather has been stunning this year and we've enjoyed so many pleasant, sunny days that I wish the summer heat and humidity would never come. It's just around the corner, but I will relish every one of these perfect days until the dog days set in. Our day is a luxury of idleness.

Tonight we'll grill a chicken and vegetables. We've been out for a walk, enjoyed lunch at St. Martin they were out of chicken roti so I finally tried another dish from their menuwandered around Kagurazaka a bit. I love the holidays. Places like this put out advance notification, set up model rooms to show off their plans and generally give prospects the idea that their new building is going to be a great place to live. A few months ago, I saw the advance notice for a building in Rokubancho, near Yotsuya and Ichigaya stations. It fit the requirements I was looking for so I put my name on the mailing list and waited for the model room to open.

Yesterday we paid a visit to the Marubeni Grand Suite Rokubancho showroom. We sat down with an agent, Sakata-san, and told him our budget and wishes. The apartment he wanted us to consider would cost 1. Too expensive but we toured the model room anyway, getting a feel for what that level of luxury would include. A new building on an old map First of all, it pays for the address. This is a prestigious neighborhood a stone's throw from the Palace and within the outer moat. Next door to the new building is an elementary school the Imperial family has used. There is history all around.

These are things, Sakata-san assured us, that Japanese people will pay more for. OK but what about the building itself? Concept drawing of the exterior It is nine stories with views towards the moat all taken roof balconies all taken and southern exposures all taken. There is triple security into the building beginning with a key that recognises its lock and automatically parts the outer sliding doors. And of course, the building construction is earthquake resistant. The public spaces are decorated in rich woods and marble.

In addition to a lounge area, there is a concierge desk where you can arrange package deliveries, tickets and even have lightbulbs and batteries sent up to your apartment. I don't think I'd want to live in a place where people where too lazy to walk to the conbini for batteries. Click for larger view. This is the room layout that was suggested to us. It's a fair size, but the layout is awkward. Look at the toilet in relation to the bedroom: Imagine doing that if you're not feeling well. This is a middle apartment, so the windows are only on one side - east.

Click for larger version. Check out the detail on the legend. It lists every outlet, light fixture, remote control. Lee devine in pantyhose pics relabelled it all in English so you can see what level of detail you buy in a luxury apartment. Premium and Standard versions of the medium brown colors The apartments have many options and at a minimum level, you must choose among three color schemes Brilliant Natural, Elegant Medium and OOvernight Brown in Standard and Premium levels. Premium has more wood; Standard uses shiny white finishes. The Premium carpets and wallpapers are a lot nicer and door handles have face plates.

Included equipment and fixtures Premium and Standard. The fixtures differ between the Premium and Standard apartments, too. And note that in the photos, the Standard options have a Overnight escorts in niiza stem of greenery, where the Premium photos show big, bushy plants. Subtle but effective upselling. The price list mapped onto the building. And in the end, applying for an apartment doesn't guarantee you'll get one. After the first sales period deadline next month, they will hold a lottery to see who will get to buy the units that were on offer. Ovdrnight the slate is wiped clean and another sales period begins for the remaining units.

On the map Ovrnight, the rooms marked with escortts are nizia to the public now the red one is what Overbight were recommended. The ones without prices ezcorts be Overnitht in the next round. The grey ones are reserved for "members" during the first Ocernight second sales periods. This is definitely not where we will be living. But I'm glad we went and saw the model room. Now we have another data point to compare. I still think we need to buy land and build a house. Everything is expensive and imperfect. It included a house Overnjght have to tear down. It was accessed by a private alley dirt! To the south was a tall apartment building that shadowed the house for most of the day.

After returning home and slumping in defeat, I made a list of the bad points we keep seeing in all ln properties. Compromises To Be Accepted Far from station: If we have to sacrifice size to gain a point escorst, so be it. Inconvenient train to work: Neighborhood with no amenities: If the grocery store is far away, or there's no cleaner nor a decent restaurant, then we will hate it Sex partner in riga. I still remember feeling stranded in Himonya. Bad light and air: I cannot live happily in the shadow of other buildings. No sun is a no-go. So now that we know a little better what we can tolerate and what we can't, we can continue to look for places.

Maybe we search a bit further afield. There are cheaper blocks of land in Ikebukuro and Niixa and other neighborhoods on the edge of the Yamanote line. Or we just go buy a mansion. That's an apartment in Japanese, not a palatial home. Matsudate, and his kohai sidekick, Tobe-kun, picked us up this afternoon for a tour of some houses and a visit to their Just for sex in savannah to discuss future possibilities. Niizza hours later Niizx rolled back home, having looked at four properties. Let me describe Overnighy to you a bit, so you can imagine what we're experiencing. It looked like the poor relation of the adjoining houses.

Each of the two stories was its own self-contained apartment. Not even in the running, except that the neighborhood is a good one. The living room had a chandelier, the walls papered in English florals, the kitchen backsplash was tiled in embossed Mickey, Minnie and Donald profiles. I think we'll leave it for another happy family. It has two big roof terraces, plenty of windows and a nice kitchen but too many built in cabinets in the other rooms that limit the way our furniture will fit. It feels cramped and I can't imagine living with the sofa in the exact same position for 20 years. It has a stunning view towards Tokyo Tower and an interesting layout of 2 large bedrooms and a tatami room plus a pretty enormous LDK.

Unfortunately, I think the place was a mob hangout because it has marble floors with brass trim, hotel lighting fixtures, and a urinal in the bathroom. So we struck out today. But we'll go out again next week. There are three intriguing floor plans, including an apartment just a minute's walk from Hanzomon, a house near Yotsuya 3-chome and an apartment in Kagurazaka. Stay tuned for more details Almost every restaurant, hotel, pension, public service and service-worker caters to a horde of mainly Australian tourists on summer ski holidays. I got so confused, I couldn't figure out when to speak English and when to use Japanese. It was strange, but not unpleasant.

Tod and I made up the weak links of the sporting group, but we gamely tried our best on the itty-bitty "family slope. Skiing was good for both of us. Snowboarding, on the other hand, is not as easy as it looks. If you manage to hit the groove it's really fun, but most of the time I was just hitting the snow - hard. Yesterday's 2 hour lesson has me aching and bruised today. Everyone else in our party was an expert skier or snowboarder: Tim flew in from London to ski with our mutual friend Simon, and Tracey and Ashley are naturally athletic with good balance. They were zipping down from the top of the mountain for a few days before we arrived and will stick around Niseko til the end of the week.

I made up for my lack of snow skills by cooking a lot of meals for the assembled group. I hope nobody minded that I hogged the kitchen most of the time. My mail spam is nearly all downloaded and I'm going to drop my twinge-y tailbone into a tub of hot water for a soak before I head to bed. I hope you all had a happy new year! Last time I hit the slopes quite literally, several times was and I lasted half a day. Tod's not skied in the entire eighteen years I've known him. So this should be interesting. The area is renown for its superb powder skiing but I think we'll mainly be cooking for the snow-bunny friends we're accompanying, and soaking in hot onsen baths.

The town is also famous for attracting many Australians, so I'm sure we'll have a good time regardless of our activities. I'd be very grateful if you would chant "no broken limbs" once a day through Jan 3rd, please. That seemed rather dull to me, so I offered to show them a bit of Tokyo while the newlyweds rested. We never made it past the shopping! The shops and stalls that line the street leading to Senso-ji are chockablock with gifts and foods. Standing at the big gate, you can barely see the temple in the distance, so highly decorated are the lane and the stalls.

Everything is colorful and bright. There are crowds of people sauntering along, looking at samurai swords, key chains and rice crackers. We made it to the temple, sniffed the purifying smoke, got some mikuji, took pictures and then went back along the lane to shop. I love visiting Asakusa, and it's been a long time since I have been there with newcomers. I did my best to balance storytelling and education with letting them explore and discover things on their own. And no trip is complete as a "tourguide" without learning something myself.

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