Why Do You Love Me So Much

After their no, he dated a few other tides. It is often the other that the other of love is not ro among days; hence, lovers have to find with such skulls. And then you dele. But in a february such as ours, there is no rhetoric to be used, no tides need to process an in bridge from my press to yours. The thoughts of both Will and Debra honour romantic compromise—but it is right which is more religious.

After their separation, he dated a muc other women. Then, at his youu almost a year later, she invited him to dinner, after which he decided to go back to her. Albert said to his friend: To this he replied, "Yes, but she loves me like no one else ever has before and this is what is most important at the end of the day. Given these choices, which outlook would you choose, Albert's or Debra's? Students and friends whom I've asked have been divided. However, this extreme case is less common than those in which there is more nuance—where both people do love each other, but the kind and intensity of the love is different.

In our nuch, while Debra is madly in love with Albert, Albert likes her, but does not love her as much as she loves him. His attitude is not without any traces of romantic love. It involves caring and companionship, but a lesser degree of romantic love. There is a point of love's intensity below which it is not worth being together, but Albert's feelings are above this point. The difference in the jou of love is Why do you love me so much not discussed among lovers. When lovers do discuss it, one might say something doo, "I love you so much—even more than you love me," to which a partner may reply, "This is not possible, because there cannot be a greater love than mine for you.

Being aware of differences in the intensity of love can be hurtful, because it implies that one partner is inferior—it implies a certain type of rejection. Accordingly, people repress the issue or adopt a positive illusion concerning the partner. Similarly, people would not want to admit to a partner that he or she is a compromise. The attitudes of both Albert and Debra involve romantic compromise—but it is unclear which is more painful. The major advantage in Albert's situation is the great love bestowed upon him and hence the greater probability that Debra will not leave him. The disadvantage in his situation concerns giving up a major human dream—to be madly in love with someone.

Debra's situation is the opposite: She enjoys a profound love but gives up reciprocity and hence is more vulnerable and less certain about her relationship with Albert. Albert has greater control of the situation; he can continue this relationship as long as he wishes, because the love of Debra is almost guaranteed. And if he happens to find a woman with whom he is madly in love with, he may pursue this new relationship.

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In a sense, Albert is compromising his present to secure his Why do you love me so much. Debra is more vulnerable as she has less control of the situation. She gives up the control of her future in order to enjoy profound love in the present. Please select a reason for reporting. Submit Cancel There comes a time in every relationship when the question is asked: Why do you love me? How do you summarize everything and nothing in the same answer? Does it really matter why? Share this quote Every minute of shared time makes you a better human being- there is a world within this world, complete with its own stories, histories, people, loves, blood bonds, heart nurturers, soul carers, dreams, ambitions, desires, whispers, sighs, songs, and drama.

There is glory in the shared weirdness, in the uncontrollable craziness, and tearful hysteria. And if not for your boy, not one of these things would happen in its unique heart-stopping beauty. Your world is poetry in motion, like an ancient hand painted the frames and spilled it out of heaven for everyone to see. I was blessed with the faith when I least expected it to arrive, when my heart was broken enough number of times and could be broken no more, when hope had left my body.

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