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After his decisive victory at the Battle of the Zab and eliminating those of the Umayyad family who First date then in talas to escape to Al-AndalusAs-Saffah sent his forces to consolidate his caliphate, including Central Asiawhere his forces confronted many regional powers, including those of China's Tang Dynasty. Battle[ edit ] The numeric quantities of the combatants involved in the Battle of Talas are not known with certainty; however, various estimates exist. The Abbasid armyMuslim troops according to Chinese estimates, though these numbers may be greatly exaggerated which included contingents from their Tibetan ally met the combined army of 10, Tang Chinese and 20, Karluk mercenaries Arab records put the Chinese forces atwhich also may be greatly exaggerated.

Modern view of Talas River, which starts in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan and winds down into Kazakhstan. On the right side of the river is the city of Sex massage in donnelly. The Tang army was subjected to a devastating defeat. The Tang dynasty's defeat was due to the defection First date then in talas Karluk mercenaries and the retreat of Ferghana allies who originally supported the Chinese. The Karluk mercenaries, two-thirds of the Tang army, defected to the Abbasids during the battle; Karluk troops attacked the Tang army from close quarters while the main Abbasid forces attacked from the front.

The Tang troops were unable to hold their positions, and the commander of the Tang forces, Gao Xianzhirecognized that defeat was imminent and managed to escape with some of his Tang regulars with the help of Li Siye. Out of an estimated 10, Tang troops, only managed to return from Talas to their territory in Central Asia. Despite losing the battle, Li did inflict heavy losses on the pursuing Arab army after being reproached by Duan Xiushi. After the battle, Gao was prepared to organize another Tang army against the Arabs when the devastating An Shi Rebellion broke out in When the Tang capital was taken by rebels, all Chinese armies stationed in Central Asia were ordered back to China proper to crush the rebellion.

It was the An Lushan Rebellion and not the defeat at Talas that ended the Tang Chinese presence in Central Asia and forced them to withdraw from Xinjiang—Talas was of no strategic importance, because the Arabs did not advance any further after the battle. He died in the year CE.

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Abu Jafar al-Mansur responded by sending 4, men who helped the Tang troops in recapturing the city and were First date then in talas rewarded by the Slim sex in taedong Emperor. After the rebellion was repressed they were allowed to settle down permanently in China which helped in founding of the earliest Muslim communities in China. Some of them married local Chinese people and their talaa became native-born Muslims who retained their religious tradition and talaw way of life. The culture of Firdt Asia, on a mixture of Persian, Indian, and Chinese influences, disappeared under the power First date then in talas between the empires of the Arabs, Chinese, Turks, Tibetans, and Uyghurs.

With the decline of Central Asian Buddhism, Fisrt Buddhism was now cut off from Indian Buddhism and developed into an independent religion with distinct spiritual elements. Unfortunately, this important work was only compiled and published by theh group of Orientalists in Neither Tabari nor the early historical works of the Arabs which have come down to us in general make any mention of this; however, Athir's statement is completely confirmed by the Chinese History of the Tang Dynasty. The Kara-Khitans also reintroduced the Chinese system of Imperial government, since China was still held in respect and esteem in the region among even the Muslim population, [39] [40] and the Kara-Khitans used Chinese as their main official language.

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