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I relax any insights. I take my sunday at Campo and almost always find what I end. It's ot and friendly. Lots of people in schnelle sex vampoalegre, in your will out for men for sex religious if you're in Auckland, Cambridge or anywhere else in NZ. Wild you have you process crime everywhere, but is there something I've unblocked, like a string of friends on sites or something. And to you restricts. It seems, from wanted the reports, that there are policies on the platonic where you can pay for sex beyond Sport, but the opinions are in.

Probably the wildest and most fun time Tonibht had in a room at Campo pleaase with a chica that was hard to consider from her appearance, a 2 at best in dim light. But she caught me off guard when she said she knew she can't compete with young, thin, pretty chicas when it Looking to have fun and please tonight in campoalegre to looks. She told me herself that jave was old, fat, ugly with small hxve. But then she said that she still makes a good living because she is the best fuck at Campo. I had i take that challenge and Lioking was right. I planned on a half hour and stayed for three hours. Campoaletre was quite a ride! If she were even half way decent looking, she'd be a million dollar earner at the Bunny Ranch.

I like it for the total experience. It was a bit too ramshackle for me and Campo does come off rather seedy on first encounter. Depends what you are comparing it to I guess. I have never had a problem and everyone is very nice though. I didn't like it the first few times. Curacao is not an island that reeks of paradise like most of the more popular tourist destinations. It is not as Americanized as Aruba. It is mostly desert or industrial with a few pockets of urbanization and a few resort areas. It does not have beautiful, manicured roadways. But once I got out, explored the island and met the people I started to really like it there.

Now it would be my first choice as a place to live in the Caribbean, mostly because it is one of the least American or touristy islands. It is one of the few islands that can support itself and therefore is not completely ruined by tourism. Pogo Member Of course we our share of crime, locals and tourist have been robbed. The brutality can go as far as entering your house, take your belongings at gun point and drive away in your car.

I don't go to places that are unsafe. My point is then again where is it safe, two days ago there was a robbery in aruba during daytime in a bank, a week a go they entered the former Hyatt hotel in curacao wich is now Santa Barbara resort and try to take the ATM machine away. So things happen here. Things happened to me there also, lost stuff in my hotel room, I've been ripped of by taxi's. I've never felt I have to write a bad report on the DR Bbw eek romance for tonight in cartago, I just give a few pointers what to do what not to do. Crime is everywhere, and unfortunately also on Curacao.

For the members that believe in some of the reports that may scare you off, I will upgrade my membership so you can pm me for info. If I have the time I can even meet with you for your camp visit. Sincerely, Lucky Strike As far as Curacao itself, it has a much higher number of murders than the local tourism promoters want you to see. America and regular flights to Holland make it a fairly substantial drug Looking to have fun and please tonight in campoalegre hub and doesn't involve tourists. I'm not looking for any other "adventures" Aziat How much did you pay on that occasion and what is the average price for p4p there in general in your experiece?

PogoJust curious, what are the industries that keep Curacao going other than tourism? I know that Aruba has the big oil refinery, but have never heard anything about Curacao. Curacao has a huge refinery and is also a major shipping port. It's one of the nearest Caribbean ports to the Panama Canal and much of the island is considered a free zone for transshipping. They have a pretty good high tech industry, hosting many of the larger online casinos. Tourism has been focused on diving but cruise ship visits are growing by leaps and bounds becoming a major part of the economy, but it can still get by without it. Much of the tourism in the recent past was from South America or the Netherlands so it has not become totally Americanized.

But it is getting there. The main thing tourists have to worry about is theft from their rental car. Be careful where you park, as breakins are common. The girls here are not any prettier than those in Campo. There is somebody for everyone's tastes. I've personally never seen any drugs at Campo although I'm sure there are some. There is no place like Campo here. Not even close, and the island of Curacao is a beautiful place to vacation. Member Another business that ran good on the island is the offshore banking, it started right after world war II and flourished until the 's.

Even The Netherlands was jealous of the Curacao offshore banking they tried to change kingdom laws to take it away from Curacao. I don't know much about finance but it's not running that great anymore. Midea 12 Member It was slow and not too many chicas around. I tried three of them on Saturday night and found one that was sweet and was great in bed. I decided to bring her back to my hotel Sunday night. We picked up some Colombian food at a restaurant that she had heard of and then went back to my room and had a wonderfull afternoon of swiming, sex, eating, sex, super bowl watching and more sex. Lot's of laughs and I had a great time with her.

I always feel very safe in Curacao, I also don't go looking for trouble and stay away from shady places. Campo is the perfect weekend get away from my life here in the USA and it's all legal. Go have fun at campo and don't worry about anything, just don't be a fool. Seems like you had a GFE. Again kudos on the great connection!

Maria Campoalegre DR MD PA

Thanks for the reports, I just got back from a weekend at campo. Thank you for that post, pleaase said in a few words what I was explaining on the board. So I think tinight fair for the girl. I Lopking planning a visit to the island in March. Never been there, but am looking forward to going to Campo. I will be there for a full week, staying in town in a hotel and getting tonigt rental car. So Cammpoalegre loving all of these reports on the island campoalege Campo, and I want to see if I can get some good advice that is recent, and since it seems like capoalegre of you are visiting frequently, fuj just in the last few days, I hope you won't mind helping out a newbie like me.

I ccampoalegre on doing touristy stuff while I'm there, including going to the park at tip of the island, and I'm curious pleasse any of you have had cool experiences at Campo during daytime Looking to have fun and please tonight in campoalegre. It seems like many tonght who go there in the morning or afternoon have no luck. I find the idea of stopping off on my way to doing something else and hooking up with the one woman whose door is open to be a big turn-on. That would be fun! Unless everyone's doors are closed until the evening. Do you negotiate for offsite services directly with the girl, or do you have to make arrangements with the Campo staff?

Do you pay them at all? It seems, from reading the reports, that there are places on the island where you can pay for sex beyond Campo, but the opinions are mixed. I've read about local women selling sex from their homes. Anyone have any good experiences? How about picking up "amateurs," be they locals or tourists. I'm in my mids. Anyone have good advice on good places to meet women, in case I want to try getting it that way? I don't speak Spanish or Dutch. Am I at a huge disadvantage? Finally, I'll be renting a car. If I park in the lot at Campo, should my car be fairly safe? I don't plan to ever leave anything in the car, but I don't want to lose the car, itself.

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