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We called with that question, and have been changing with matching players dating observed behaviors and attributes of their Out account, including the say amount of time they had different playing CS: If you have not wanted your CS: Here antiquity that cooldown levels can free level 4. I go to have Will Status.

An account whose cooldown level has been reduced to level 2 through clean play would receive a level 3 24 hour cooldown on their next infraction. Please sercers that cooldown levels can exceed level 4. Players gl cooldown level exceeds level 4 will need an extended period of clean play to have their cooldown level Matchmking beneath level 3. How do I determine my Matdhmaking cooldown level? Your current cooldown level can be determined dkwn the length of the last cooldown you have received: Servera last Matchmaking servers cs go down lasted 30 minutes - you are currently at level 1 My last cooldown lasted 2 hours - you are currently servesr level 2 My last cooldown lasted 24 hours - you are currently at level 3 My last cooldown lasted one week - you are currently at level 4 or above How do I troubleshoot network errors and disconnects?

If you are encountering a technical or network issue that is causing competitive cooldowns, we suggest troubleshooting those issues before attempting to play a competitive game. Please see our Troubleshooting Network Connectivity article for more information. Overwatch bans An Overwatch ban will be issued to any account that is convicted for cheating or abusive behavior by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's Overwatch system. More information about the Overwatch system can be found in the CS: Players with Prime status can still choose to additionally restrict their matchmaking pool to other players with Prime status—though Trust is always on.

What are the factors used in the new Trust Factor matchmaking system? GO or other games on Steam. GO and on Steam, to ensure the system is as accurate as possible. Can I look at my personal Trust Factor? What can I do to improve my Trust Factor? All you need to do is be a positive member of the CS: GO and Steam community. GO and other Steam games legitimately. The more you play, the more information the system has and the easier it will be for the system to determine who you should be matched with. I used to have Prime Status. Does that improve my Trust Factor?

Phone numbers and CS: GO Rank are among the factors used in the new Trust Factor matchmaking system. If serers had Prime Status before, your Trust Factor will benefit from your phone and in-game experience. If you have not linked your CS: GO account with a phone number, you should—doing so will improve your matchmaking experience. GO with a high Trust Factor.

Matchmaking servers down csgo

How will you know if this system is better than the previous one? We plan to use the same approach to evaluate the Trust Factor system. I suspect that I have a low Trust Factor because the quality of my matches is poor.

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