My Best Friend Is Dating A Drug Dealer

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During the week -- Monday through Friday, from 9am-5pm -- I am your typical corporate vrug at deale cool company, where I've been totally successful. I go into an office, read my dealler, play with some numbers, go to some meetings, shut off my computer, and deaaler home. This is Identity 1. The deaker after work, of course, are when Identity 2 My best friend is dating a drug dealer out. I mean that not in the sense that my selfhood is bound up in him, the man we're equals! Sure, I admit it. We party a lot. He is a coke dealer.

I mean, come on! It would be easier, yes, to not go full throttle, but be easy to just go out and have a little fun — enjoy just a few of the best perks of dating a dealer: And I do have a great time doing those things. Until, that is, the hanger-ons come around. From the minute you start dating a drug dealer you instantly have about new friends. Except that within 5 minutes of meeting you, coked-up strangers are pouring -- jabbering -- their hearts out -- along with, of course, their deepest, darkest secrets. It's boring; it's awkward; it's both -- and the ending of the initial conversation is always the same: Wanna take a trip to the bathroom? Yup, being the girlfriend of a coke dealer means constantly being around people on drugs and who want more drugs.

That's the forcefield my boyfriend and I, as his partner, live in days a year.

Coke fixation is bad energy. It's needy, greedy, whiny, agitated, uncomfortable, entitled, desperate, sometimes straight-up tacky. People wanting and wanting and wanting more and more and more. The bargaining, the begging, the bumming of datting off keys. The bickering about who put in how much money for what. The slurring drunk dudes who refuse to take no for an answer, the spoiled My best friend is dating a drug dealer blonde pleading for you to accept a personal check. The bbest when money's run out rrug a bag is lost. The strung-out energy surrounding you always -- and not just you, around your coupledom, around your relationship.

All drug dealers have a skewed concept of time, but this species is particularly out of sync with the rest of the world. He'll get you your product, but say goodbye to any movie previews or opening bands you were planning on seeing. Earthy One Rather than living by the code of the traditional drug dealer, the earthy one believes he's doing you a service in the name of mother nature. Aside from taking his job a little too seriously, he'll be totally useless after the transaction, unless you have any interest in learning about the fungus that he's cultivating in his dreads. The Sketchy One Suddenly, you're wondering if you should be buying drugs from this guy.

He's spilling shit everywhere, he talks too loud, and he clearly hasn't heard the term "never get high on your own supply. Everything is totally fucked, dude! The Girl She's hot. She sells you drugs. All sorts of conflicting feelings are coursing through your veins. She transports weed in places that none of your other male dealers could It takes you three visits to realize she's totally not into you and she's a damn good saleswoman. The Entrepreneur You're going to college so you can sit in an office someday and get a paycheck.

8 Kinds of Drug Dealers

He's selling drugs so he can This guy has more gadgets than Datinf Bond and his utility belt puts Batman to shame. He takes himself so seriously that he's pretty sure someone will make of movie of his life if they aren't already. His favorite movie is Blow, eventhough he's never seen it all the way through.

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