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Following this, the Western Regions became resentful, and rebelled. They, therefore, Swxy off all relations with the Interior [China] and, all together, submitted to the Xiongnu again. In the middle of the Jianwu period lanxj ], they each [Shanshan and Yarkand in 38, and 18 kingdoms in 45], sent envoys to ask if they could submit to the Interior [China], and to express Sxy desire for oanxi Protector-General. Emperor Sexy locals in lanxi, decided that because the Empire was not yet settled [after a long period of civil war], he had no time for outside affairs, and [therefore] finally refused his consent [in 45 CE]. The king of Suoju [Yarkand], named Xian, wiped out several kingdoms.

Later these kingdoms were re-established. The gates of the towns stayed shut in broad daylight. He appointed Zhong, the son of the elder brother of Cheng, to be king of Shule Kashgar. Ban Chao attacked and beheaded him. The Book of the Later Han also gives the only extant historical record of Yuezhi or Kushan involvement in the Kashgar oasis: During the Yuanchu period in the reign of Emperor, the king of Shule Kashgarexiled his maternal uncle Chenpan to the Yuezhi Kushans for some offence. The king of the Yuezhi became very fond of him.

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Later, Anguo died without leaving a son. His mother directed the government of the kingdom. She agreed with the people of the country to put Yifu lit. Chenpan heard of this and appealed to the Yuezhi Kushan king, saying: His relative Yifu is weak. The Sexy locals in lanxi had previously respected and been fond of Chenpan. Besides, they dreaded the Yuezhi Kushans. They immediately took the seal and ribbon from Yifu and went to Chenpan, and made him king. Yifu was given the title of Marquis of the town of Pangao [90 li, or 37 km, from Shule]. Chenxun, who was Horney housewifes in lacorunia son of his elder brother, was appointed Temporary Major of the Kingdom.

In the fifth yearChenpan sent his son to serve the Emperor and, along with envoys from Dayuan Ferghana and Suoju Yarkandbrought tribute and offerings. He beheaded several hundred people, and released his soldiers to plunder freely. He replaced the king [of Jumi] by installing Chengguo from the family of [the previous king] Xing, Sexy locals in lanxi then he returned. In the second Yangjia yearChenpan again made offerings including a lion and zebu cattle. Hede named himself king. Following this, the kings of Shule Kashgar killed one another repeatedly while the Imperial Government was unable to prevent it.

Chapter 30 of the Records of the Three Kingdoms says that after the beginning of the Wei Dynasty the states of the Western Regions did not arrive as before, except for the larger ones such as KuchaKhotanKangjuWusunKashgar, YuezhiShanshan and Turpanwho are said to have come to present tribute every year, as in Han times. Camels traversing the old silk road in Infour states from the Western Regions were said to have presented tribute: KarashahrTurpanShanshanand Kucha. Some wooden documents from Niya seem to indicate that contacts were also maintained with Kashgar and Khotan around this time.

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