Trailer Lights Hook Up Diagram

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Moving onto installation, use those plastic loop clips with screws and install the wiring into place.

For Traiiler, have the plug extend a couple inches past the Trailer lights hook up diagram of the hitch so it has lightd bit of movement when turning, but not tight where it can put strain on the wiring, drag on the ground, or become unplugged. Careful when tightening up these screws, they can twist lighs loop, so take your time with power tools or use a screwdriver for tightening. The green and brown wire goes to the passenger or right side of the vehicle and the yellow and brown goes to the driver or left side of the vehicle. Trim off the access wire and casing, remove the wire from the casing and then use the casing for the opposite side.

Feed the exposed wire into the casing, this will go against the already installed casing and taped up after holding everything together. Feed the wire into the drill holes, on the outside skirt I drill a larger hole using the step drill so it can accommodate a rubber grommet. It looks cleaner and holds onto the casing firmly. For this I will be soldering the wires instead, you can use weatherproof connectors too, your choice. As mentioned before, this trailer has LED lights installed. If your looking at the connectors as shown above, from left to right, the color codes will be as follows: If your trailer is constructed of square tubing, I find that running your wires through the inside of the tubing makes for a much cleaner appearance and helps to protect the wiring as well.

If your frame does not have pre-drilled holes, then it might be a little bit more work drilling holes and fishing out your wires, but you will be much more happier with the results.

How to Wire Trailer Lights

Be sure to seal your holes when done to prevent water from filling up your frame. If you have a U-Channel lihgts angle iron construction, then lightts can purchase specially duagram clips from most automotive stores that Trailer lights hook up diagram to the frame which will keep your wiring tight inside the frame and out of the way. The 4-way above is a basic and most common scenario, but what if you have more items that require wiring. Of course the more items you have the more poles you will need on your connector. The 6-wire connector shown here has 2 additional poles. One is for electric brakes and the other pole is a 12v source for anything else requiring electric.

Be sure to follow your vehicles operating manual for instructions on how to make proper connections when using any of these type connectors. Although most manufacturers use a standard color code, there are going to be those few that could stray from the norm.

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