Girl Meets World Sneak Preview

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Corey is at fault too, but this was not a fun time in BMW history. Eventually, we know Corey and Topanga were able to move past this, marry and now have Riley!

Before you continue...

Will this be awaiting Riley and prefiew friends? So, this brings up the question: Now we wkrld what happened last time we saw this ski lodge, but what should be interesting senak what is going to happen to all of our favorite couples. First up, the official preview: The first thing we see is Riley being helped in by Maya and Lucas- is she hurt, did she get hurt skiing? I am certain Riley would be happy spending the entire trip here! I also noticed it is very clearly fall at the ski lodge, which makes sense, since the start of season three is back to school, so essentially fall. But there is no snow.

What are they going to do at the ski lodge without snow to ski on? Ride the chairlift up and down the mountain?

Go on a hike? Or are they just going to Girl meets world sneak preview around in the bay window until something in the triangle gives? Notice it is nighttime Now there is was a second, little longer sneak peek tells a little more. We see in sneaj Corey begrudgingly talking about nature or smacking the chalkboard really hard with a pointing stick and that something is going to happen to them when they go to the ski lodge and he is going to prepare them for it! Riley runs in, asking Missy if she thinks she can't "boop" Lucas's nose. She then tries, yet accidentally sticks her finger in Pfeview nose. Riley Girl meets world sneak preview wotld shock, and Farkle tries to "boop" Maya's nose, and gets his finger stuck in her nose.

Back at home, Topanga and Cory try to get Auggie to put on his PJs, however he refuses, and won't kiss them goodnight. In Riley's room, Riley asks Maya to teach her how to flirt. Maya says she doesn't know how, when Farkle pops in from the window, and says he'll teach her how. In the cafeteria, Riley, Maya and Farkle wonder if Lucas will sit with them. He does, but Missy moves him over, and they continue to talk about the movie. Farkle tries to flirt with Missy, so she will leave Lucas alone, but instead she winks at Farkle and says "You're next! Cory then gives them detention, and Riley becomes furious that they'll be alone.

At home, Ava is coming over, and Topanga is shocked she's an "older woman" when she's really only one year older. She comes in, saying she can boss Auggie around due to being older. She then says she's taking his goggly bear, but Topanga says she can boss Ava around due to being older. She makes Ava give back the bear, then kicks her out. Auggie then asks how Topanga thinks about Ava. Missy says they weren't invited, so Lucas tells Missy he'd rather be with them, and she leaves. Riley then realizes she shouldn't grow up just yet.

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