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Moreover, partner Looking for a friend close in karaj was an important factor among female participants 4. There is a serious paucity of research on female high purity heroin users in Iran, while there is evidence that high purity heroin dependence is a newly epidemic frend among women in kqraj cities, such as Karaj. To our knowledge, no study has been conducted on factors facilitating the initiation of high purity heroin use among females in Karaj. The main aim of the current introductory study was to explore factors that facilitated the first-time high purity heroin use in a sample of female treatment seekers who were in methadone maintenance treatment in Karaj.

The aim of the study was to conduct an introductory study on initial factors associated with high purity heroin use in a sample of women treatment and non-treatment seekers in Karaj, Iran. We recruited the sample through poster demonstrations in nearly all treatment centers, but only thirteen clinics and three drop-in centers DICs had women patients and agreed to cooperate with us. Inclusion criteria included being eighteen years of age or older, being a chronic high purity heroin abuser for at least twelve months prior to current treatment entry for addiction, signing a consent form for study participation, being in treatment for high purity heroin abuse, and living in Karaj during the time of the study.

Exclusion criteria included presence of intoxication and withdrawal symptoms and signs, self-report of severe depression and suicidal thoughts which could interfere with the study procedure. Of the 72 women, 60 women met our study inclusion criteria, and were included in the study and kzraj. All participants provided a written consent form for study participation. Study Clpse This ffiend a cross-sectional and Lookng study and aimed to preliminarily explore the cor descriptive profile of high purity heroin use problem among female Looking for a friend close in karaj seekers and non-treatment seekers Loooing Karaj.

First, we recruited 30 treatment Looking for a friend close in karaj and then asked them to bring with them female non-treatment seekers who they knew and were living in Karaj. Participation was voluntary and confidential. A consent form was obtained from each participant. Demographics, details of drug use, and risky behaviors were collected based on items elicited from Addiction Severity Index ASIas a highly valid international instrument. Then a confidential interviewing was conducted with the help of a researcher-made questionnaire to explore factors that facilitated initial factors associated with starting high purity heroin use. The validity of the questionnaire was evaluated by reviewing previous similar studies, and consulting with senior scholars and researchers in this field 34.

All study procedures were conducted in a quiet neutral interview room in each center. Results The sample was comprised of 30 female treatment seekers and 30 non-treatment seekers between 18 to 55 years of age [mean age The majority of participants were married Most of them were homemakers The mean age of the sample was The general characteristics of participants and details of high purity heroin use among them are presented in table 1. Table 1 Demographics and details of high purity heroin in the two groups Variable.

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