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In the s 'Tulip Mania' gripped the go, where prices rose until bulbs cost as much as houses and attracted many farmers to switch; when the industry suddenly collapsed, it left many in poverty. Yet it wasn't until the last winter of World War II when the starving Dutch discovered tulip bulbs Lookinh a food source. Now, every third Saturday in January, Looking for a good guy who wants to have fun in netherlands Dutch celebrate National Tulip Day — the nrtherlands start of the tulip season gug with free flower picking and flower festivals.

The Netherlands is the fuh country in Europe: It's highest point is Vaalserberg which is netherlansd metres above sea level and the lowest point wans Zuidplaspolder which is seven metres below sea level. Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, where most visitors land, is three metres below sea level. The Netherlands has the highest population density in Europe: Not counting countries just a few kilometres long such as Monacothe Netherlands is the most densely populated country with around 17 million people in 41, square kilometres. The World Bank estimates the Netherlands' population density at around people per square kilometre. The Dutch government plans to ban the sales of petrol and diesel-powered cars in To promote green energy, the motion has been passed by the lower house but still needs to be ratified by the senate.

Dutch brewers exported 1. Drugs aren't as easily available as you might think: While cannabis has been decriminalised, possession, cultivation and selling it to foreigners is illegal, even in coffee shops, as of However, this law is not enforced in either Amsterdam or Rotterdam. The police tend to ignore public possession of less than five grammes 30g in private or cultivation of under five plants as this is considered personal use. The Netherlands is home to more bikes than people: There are around 18 million bikes in the country, including the clever if not so elegant bakfiets which combine a bike and a wheelbarrow.

Dutch cycle an average distance of 2. Cycling in the Netherlands is the safest in the world: A study from Rutgers University reported the Netherlands has the lowest rates of serious injuries per million kilometres cycled.

29 Fun Things to Do in Amsterdam (+80 cool ideas to rock the city!)

This is thanks Looking for a good guy who wants to have fun in netherlands 35,km neterlands excellent cycle lanes netherlajds that bikes get the Poofing dating respect as cars — and not just on the roads. Groningen station has a whopping 10, bike spaces. Bikes must also have lights and cycling while drunk is illegal. Lookjng bike theft is also high with overthefts reported each year, and an estimatedunreported thefts. Schiphol is percent government-owned and handles around 60 million passengers per year. More than 60 percent of the Netherlands is agriculture netherlandz horticulture: It nerherlands also one of the world's largest exporter of seeds, live trees, plants, bulbs, Looking for a good guy who wants to have fun in netherlands and cut flowers.

Home Best hd porn xxx are still cherished in the Ij Midwives or verloskundige netherland assist mothers during the home delivery, and home births are covered goo Dutch wanta insurance while hospital births without medical necessity can be refused. One-fifth of the Dutch population is foreign: The country's multicultural mix is particularly felt in Amsterdam, which is home to more than nationalities. Yet foreigners fin are not Dutch citizens only represent less than four percent tp the population and around 3.

The Dutch eat the most liquorice in the world: Some 32 million kilos of the black sweet are consumed each year. Dutch artists are world famous: The country is believed to have brought oil painting to Europe, and renowned artists run from the Hieronymus Bosch s through artists like Vermeer, Rembrandt and van Gogh to modern artists and designers like MC Escher and the creator of Miffy. The Dutch introduced orange carrots to the world: Dutch carrot growers developed orange carrots in the 16th century through careful breeding of existing varieties. At the time, carrots were a range of colours, from pale yellow to purple. Philips, a major Dutch company, developed CDs inin a joint project with Sony, in their headquarters in Eindhoven.

They also developed cassette tapes and popularised many home electronics items in Europe, such as TVs and blenders. The first multinational company, stocks and stock exchange were Dutch: It established the Amsterdam Stock Exchange the same year, which is considered the oldest 'modern' exchange in the world. Growing out of its colonial heritage, the Dutch were also the first to develop fair trade certification, launching the Max Havelaar certificate in the s. Discovery of microbiology and virology: The first compound microscope was built in the Netherlands in In the s, Antoine van Leeuwenhoek, called 'the father of microbiology' viewed and researched microbes.

InMartinus Beijerinck showed that disease could be caused by an agent smaller than bacteria, which he called a virus. Quick facts on the Netherlands Despite the flag being red, white and blue, orange is the national colour as the monarchy is from the House of Orange. Until becoming king, Willem-Alexander was prince of Orange. On the king's birthday — 27 April — Dutch people dress in orange and celebrate their country with outdoor parties, picnics and parades. The Netherlands was a founding member of the EU. It was involved in the negotiations that eventually developed into the EU from the earliest days. Explore the Dutch countryside and leave Amsterdam behind for a half-day tour with free canal cruise included.

See the famous Zaanse Shans windmills, explore the quaint fishing villages of Volendam and Marken hwo stop at a Lolking Dutch cheese farm. The windmills north of Amsterdam are equally beautiful, but we Looking for a good guy who wants to have fun in netherlands not take any good photo there: Festivals and there are a lot Amsterdam is known for its party-party-party festivals! Order a drink, take a seat and mingle with the locals. Photo credit HannekesBoom If you are into beer and especially Heineken, go for iiiiiiit! Get your ticket here and have a beer on us.

See your favorite stars cast in wax hxve Madame Tussauds Amsterdam and enjoy interactive photo sets of the stars of the screen, TV, politics, music and more. Get your Fast-Line ticket here to skip the queue. Spend a day in Haarlem You can cycle to Haarlem, a picturesque village, west of Amsterdam. It is half way to the Atlantic coast and beach. We love it here, and so will you! The photo below shows a beautiful beach bar next to Haarlem. Now that we think about it… Actually, you can spend a day in Haarlem as well. It is the local version of Amsterdam.

It gives you an idea of the authentic Netherlands. Because, trust us, when we say: Same as Berlin is not the typical Germany and Barcelona not the typical Spanish city. Rent a bike and cruise around! But well, it is seriously the best way to get around! Ask at Ecomama or Cocomama for a bike rental, they have their own bikes their. You can find more bike rentals here. Also, did you know many Amsterdameses have several bikes? One for daily life, and one at night for going out. Actually, you do not need to cycle to Haarlem for the beach. You can take a free ferry from the main train station crossing the big canal.

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