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Who presents historical documentaries? Guys like David Starkey. And what happened dhill a normal-looking woman, Mary Beard, presented a series about the ancient world? She was mocked for not being attractive enough. In a recent interview Dustin Hoffman, another normal, made a revealing comment. Remember when he dressed up as a woman in Tootsie? And I know that chil, I met myself at a party, I would never talk to that character. But how do women feel? I can only imagine. I went to a beauty trade show. Women, many of whom wanted their faces to be more beautiful than they were, were looking at products and procedures that might help.

You could have injections of Botox or fillers; you could have your face heated up or cut apart; you could have fat from your abdomen injected into your lips. More than 90 per cent of the customers are women. I watched a woman as her lips were injected with Restylane, a dermal filler designed to make faces look fuller, lips more pouty. Her face was being stretched and jabbed, stretched and jabbed.

Skin was being hoicked and yanked, and then stuff was pumped into her. It looked like a cooking procedure. It looked like abuse. Afterwards, she got up. She was shaky on her feet. She had the bearing of someone who had been in an accident. Before and after the procedure she was normal looking. They might help a bit. But women increasingly crave beauty — and for good reason. So women, in their tens of thousands, feel a Looking for normal chill girl in obando acceptance of the pain, the fear, the microdermabrasion, the chemical peels, the intense pulsed light. They try not to think of the procedures that go wrong, leading to more procedures.

In the mirror they observe their faces with a new expertise, noting the downward slide of the malar fat pads, the atrophy of collagen. People yank and jab their skin. Afterwards they still look un-beautiful. Just at the point when women were becoming more liberated — the moment when they began to act, as well as appear — the old patriarchy hit back. In The Beauty Myth she makes a good case. The more power women have, she says, the more pressure there is on them to be beautiful. And what do they tell us? In The Evolution of Desire, David Buss, professor of psychology at the University of Texas, says that it all comes down to the basics of sex. Men are attracted to women who look fertile.

Why do girls check out other girls?

Women are attracted to men who will make good providers. Throughout history, in other Looking for normal chill girl in obando, women are desirable when they look healthy and unblemished. Symmetrical features are a sign of health; a narrow waist Loooking wide hips are noemal sign of fertility. Women like symmetrical features too. How did we get here and why Lokking the situation so extreme? I recently read a debate about online porn that un With the rise of social media, such normxl Instagram Lookking Facebook, we are striving more than ever to keep up appearances. This is upping the stakes for everyone, resulting in increasingly drastic measures being taken by girls in order to keep up.

My mind races to that Perle du Lait advert as a small piece of evidence for the competition felt by women and the steps they will take to keep up. It is an advert in which a dinner party host offers her three female guests pudding. Long story short, the guests raid her house, as we all would in the face of such an offer- naturally. Bizarrely enough they find nothing under the sofa or in the drawers which answers this pudding conundrum. Then they find out the host means yoghurt and then they all laugh because they are all thrilled about that … personally I do not class yoghurt as pudding. At moments like that, it would seem the entirety of female society is doomed. Then, to add insult to injury, society keeps recommending yoghurt as a way to get there.

OK, perhaps I am overreacting, especially about Perle du Lait. Izzy, a researcher at the BBC, gives me a reality check. It would seem our own happiness has a direct effect on how we look at others.

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