Men Lasting Longer In Bed

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As such, it is always best to have a health check to rule out the possibility of your ED being related to a more serious underlying health condition.

Ways to last longer in bed Iin you experience premature laeting, erectile dysfunction, or whether you just want to hold out longer than you already do, here are Menn tips on how to last longer in bed: Sex is more than simply penetration. Foreplay can greatly increase the sexual experience in terms of both time and pleasure. More details can be found here. During sex focus on your attention on something deeply unerotic such as multiplication tables. This can reduce the enjoyment of the act itself but is often effective in delaying ejaculation. Generally, the faster the man has sex, the quicker he ejaculates. Rapid, hard thrusts result in a faster climax.

A slower, more measured technique means the penis tip is less stimulated and ejaculation delayed.

How to last longer in bed

It also allows for greater control over ejaculation. Masturbation is perfectly healthy and natural. Masturbating regularly can help build up your stamina and thus enable you to last longer during sex. You can also practice behavioural techniques while masturbating so you are more comfortable using them during sex. Condoms decrease sensitivity and therefore Men lasting longer in bed increase the time taken to ejaculate. They also have the added bonus of preventing sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancies.

An open attitude towards sex should also relax you more and lessen the nerves that cause a swift ejaculation. Treatments Men who regularly experience premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction may find treatment is the best option. There are a number of easy, effective treatments for both conditions. Prescription treatments are outlined below. Counselling is another option, highly effective for those who condition is psychological. Treatment for Premature Ejaculation For some men, premature ejaculation is a recurring problem. A prescription tablet which delays the chemical reactions that cause ejaculation.

Taken orally, it has been shown to be very effective. A cream applied to the penis to desensitise nerve endings which are part of the ejaculation process. How to treat it For many men, bringing up premature ejaculation with their doctor can be embarrassing and yet it needs to be addressed as it is a common and treatable condition. There are several methods of treating premature ejaculation and with a little time and effort, it can be remedied. One way is with behavioral techniques. Masturbating for an hour or two before intercourse to be able to delay ejaculation during sex can help. Another technique is to avoid intercourse for a few days and instead focus on sexual play where there is no pressure to have sexual intercourse.

There are topical anesthetic creams and sprays with a numbing agent that can be applied to the penis right before sex to reduce sensation helping to delay ejaculation. There can be potential side effects from this of decreased sexual pleasure for both the man and woman. Certain oral medications are another way to possibly treat premature ejaculation. Some of the medications possibly helping include common antidepressants, analgesics, and phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors — none of which are specifically approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat premature ejaculation but have been found to be effective for some men.

Discuss with your doctor to see if these options would be suitable or not. By practicing this method, a man can train his body to delay orgasm longer avoiding premature ejaculation. The sooner a man addresses any issues he may be having with premature ejaculation, the sooner he and his partner can begin having a more pleasurable and satisfying sex life. David Samadi is a board-certified urologic oncologist trained in open and traditional and laparoscopic surgery and is an expert in robotic prostate surgery. Samadi on TwitterInstagramPintrest and Facebook.

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