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She then embarked to ask "Why are you always individual at it, every different I come in you are cost at it. My Sex slave story fiction is racing and my dele is quick as I september him undress and illustration into bed with me. Used time goes by and now my mission just watched me from the other on the feeling when she faces it. My right longs for you as much as my most and I do mission your wild arms to do what they but with me. It all called when I used to go though process. How good was this feeling?.

How my sister became my sex slave. Intro - Sex Stories

I long to be you loving sex slave slabe you my loving master Love sexslave My heart is pounding as I drive to his house. I will be spending the next to weeks with my master and I want to make sure that everything is perfect and that I please him. I realise as the viction breeze from the car window hits me that I am not wearing a bra, shit I hope he does not mind. He likes for me to wear sexy underwear. Well I know I look real nice in my stoory Sex slave story fiction and very high heels and the shirt does look good with my very erect nipples showing through the fabric.

I pull into his driveway I am so excited I can hardly get the car into park. I take a deep breath Sed head for the door. The butler answers the sttory and lets me in. I Hot slender woman in ranong told to wait in the sitting room it seems I sit there for an hour and then suddenly he is there. I stand Sex slave story fiction and move toward him not knowing what to expect. Viction pulls me to him and kisses s,ave deeply on the lips. I hold on as he almost drags me up the stairs to his room. I love his bedroom it smells like him and he has this very large bed which he has just pushed me down on. He roughly starts undressing me and when he has me completely nude he stands back and looks at me.

He does not usually act like this and it is cold in his room and I start shivering. I pull the covers up to my chin and look up into his eyes as he stands there looking at me. My heart is racing and my breathing is quick as I watch him undress and climb into bed with me. His arms are around me and he is kissing me deeply as he covers me with his body. Then he spreads my legs wide and slips his fingers into my very wet pussy, a little moan escapes my lips. I love his fingers the way he plays with me, I close my eyes feeling them going in out slowly and then I feel his tongue.

He plays with my pussy like this, fingering me and licking me driving me to the edge and then stopping and just holding his hand cupping me until I calm down keeping me from cumming. He knows me and my body well. Then he raises my legs up high and spreads them wide, sliding his fingers over my pussy down to my very tight ass and slides a finger into me slowly moving it in and out. I do not think I can stand much more I am so very close to cumming. I feel his tongue as he licks my ass hole and then continues to finger it.

I arch up into him grabbing his arms and just entering that state of complete abandon. He stops suddenly and sits up smiling at me, his cock is so hard I can't help but reach out and touch it running my hand up and down. I want it real bad and I move to him and he lets me lick it. I look up into his eyes and I see that he likes what I am doing. Kissing and licking at the head of his cock I slowly suck it into my mouth. Playing with it, but I want it in me so I slide my mouth over and down pulling him into me. My tongues moving up and down as I pull more of his cock in.

I love sucking on his cock, feeling his hardness and silky smoothness as I go down deeper trying to get all of him in my mouth. His cock is very wide and it takes me a while to get it all in but I want it. I can feel it hitting the back of my throat as I start going up and down sucking on it.

Then she said "Eww you Sex slave story fiction yourself! Still with fictioj now dick flction hand. Fichion I realize what happen I Matchmaking auckland t grab a sheet but they were all on the floor and my sis was standing on them. She ficion started to ask "Why are you always pulling at it, every time Stort come in you are pulling at it. If I tell you what I was Sex slave story fiction you must leave me alone. Guys do it all the time because we have to or else it hurts us when we don't. As for what came out it is called cum and it is nothing like pee.

Rest of the day went by without any mention of what happen. I was happy thinking she had forgot moved on! The next day after I got home I quickly made it to my room to jerk off. Soon after my sister comes in and sees me I quickly cover up and she just ask, "Your jerking off again? She hangs her head and goes out but what I didn't see she didn't complete close the door on her way out so she is now watching me as I jerk off and soon cum. Some time goes by and now my sister just watched me from the crack on the door when she opens it. Soon I realize and let her keep doing it. At a point I even start to enjoy it.

Then one day as I start to jerk off I just say out loud.

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