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In one scene, not to be aired, one boy even points a dinner knife at the other. The girls, meanwhile, fared little better. They split off into factions, with some of the older girls bullying the younger ones. One girl is filmed sobbing: The producers say they were seeking to find out whether modern parents are producing a generation of mollycoddled 'cotton wool' children. But, while the format did indeed reveal intriguing differences between the sexes, questions remain about the long-term effects on the children involved. And considering the amount of bullying-related complaints we get about that show, it is certainly not an environment young people should be placed in.

She thought he would be the Watch meet the parents channel 4 online of bullies because of his red hair and excess weight. Instead, her normally well-behaved little boy turned into a fractious, violent rebel, once allowed to live without rules. Then he turned and twice hit me, which he's never done before. I couldn't believe how much he was swearing. I've had to warn his grandparents ahead of the transmission because they will be shocked by his language. Channel 4's commissioning editor said they wanted to create a village without adults where children could roam safely 'When Matthew came home to us he was a rude, arrogant monster.

It took us a long time to get back the little boy we put in there. On the first night home, when we said it was bedtime, he said: There are no rules here. More than half the boys wanted to leave; one actually did. As I followed Matthew round, trying to console him, I had a cameraman in my face. I knew if I pulled Matthew out early, he would be portrayed as a snivelling mummy's boy, so I let him stay in. But it turned him into a boy I hardly recognised. The experiment ended with a 'prom' in which they all dressed up. One of the boys sobs as he pleads to be taken home The programme was devised by Dominique Walker, Channel 4's commissioning editor for factual entertainment. The girls were more bitchy and their arguments lasted a lot longer.

The girls didn't cry as much as the boys. Later that evening, they served up a wholesome dinner. Many of the children struggled with basic domestic tasks and ended up eating sweets and fizzy drinks Grabbing toys from the store cupboard, they chased each other with water guns. One boy fell in a duck pond and had to be fished out by another.

How on earth could 'respectable' parents let their children enter Channel 4's 'cruel' experiment?

Soon, they were all drenched and had to change their clothes, dumping the sodden ones on the floor. Nine-year-old Sid, the son of a boxing champion from Essex, was hungry but couldn't work out how to plug the kettle in, so made a Pot Noodle using cold tap water. The few boys who could cook heated up pizzas for themselves, but the rest turned to whatever needed the least preparation. Mostly, they ate sweets and swigged fizzy drinks. High on sugar and E-numbers, they became fractious and rows and scuffles broke out. Trained chaperones were forced to intervene to break up fights. The girls go on a shopping spree during their two weeks of freedom So what of the parents who allowed their children to take part in such an 'experiment?

It was William who first heard about the film.

Each had headphones linked to a microphone worn by their child. There were also mikes in the rooms. Cameras filmed the children and captured the 100 percent free sugar daddy hookup sites swift descent into violence Alison says: I could see that he was paeents Dr Who in his own Watch meet the parents channel 4 online. I felt uncomfortable listening to everything he said. I felt I was invading his privacy. It was also hard being powerless to do anything. To channle an emotional meltdown, the parents were encouraged to go in.

The mothers cleared up the mess in the boys' onlie while the fathers played with the children. At that point, Sid's parents gave in to his demands to leave. Alison, who has a daughter, Paernts, 12, was surprised to see how much William struggled with simple chores. The boys were like ten separate people living together, but if they had a fight they'd get over it quickly. The girls gathered into groups and were unpleasant in a more targeted way. Another time, he grated cheese over still-frozen chips. What it taught me is that we do too much for our children domestically. Debbie Beaumont, a year-old sales co-ordinator for an insurance broker, refuses to have a word said against her daughter Charley, At home, I've often found her defiant.

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