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Twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been in front of os cameras since before they could iate or Who is mary kate olsen dating wdw. With a career that began on television inthe Olsens went on kae star in their own series opsen video movies, which sold millions of copies each and gave them a devoted fan base among American girls kqte four to fourteen. They created a brand us for themselves, and oversaw an wfw that ranged from their own magazine to "marykateandashley" toothpaste long before they took their college-board exams. Ashley was born first, followed a few minutes later by Mary-Kate. Their father, Dave, worked as a mortgage banker, and their mother, Jarnette, had once danced with the Los Angeles Ballet corps.

One day, their mother met a friend's friend, who was a casting agent, and mentioned osen she had twin daughters. The agent asked to see a photograph, and then arranged an audition for the Wgo for a Wbo ABC sitcom called Full House. Because olssen laws restrict the amount of hours a minor may work, television series edw films often hire a set of identical twins so WWho the production schedule can continue along uninterrupted. The Olsens were not identical twins but rather fraternal, but they looked enough alike to win the job. Full House first aired in September ofand the reviews were not kind. The show starred Bob Saget as a recent widower with a large brood; his brother-in-law and a friend move in to help out.

The twins were cast as Michelle Tanner, the youngest member of the household, and the Olsens' first on-screen appearance came when John Stamos, who played the friend, Jesse, carried one of them into the room. No one remembers which twin it was that day. It's our line, it's our names and our brand—it's coming from us, Mary-Kate and Ashley. I've learned that 'No' is a full sentence. During the first two years on the air, Full House did not even make it into the Top 30 list of most-watched television shows. By the —90 season, however, it did, and climbed to the No. It peaked at No. Little Michelle's cuteness factor seemed to boost the show's popularity, but the Olsens' parents were still show-business novices.

Reportedly, parents of other children who were on the show suggested they negotiate for a higher fee. Dave and Jarnette found an entertainment lawyer, Robert Thorne, who had cut deals for pop superstar Prince, and he got them a higher rate. Made 48 hit video movies Thorne wound up becoming the Olsen's agent, and later their business manager. He suggested they branch out with a pop record, Brother for Sale, which was released in It was an adventure yarn set during the Christmas holidays. As the twins' popularity and star-potential increased, Thorne created the Dualstar Entertainment Group in to manage their careers.

To Grandmother's House was followed by a slew of other films, nearly four dozen in all, that went directly to video as planned. Nearly all of them caught on with the legions of young girls who were the Olsens' most devoted fan base, the four-to-ten-year-old set. Then their fan base began to grow up along with them, and in some cases the later movies like Passport to Paris and Our Lips Are Sealed were among the top-selling titles that year on the kids' video charts. Full House ended its eight-season run that same year, and the twins remained off the small screen until ABC gave them their own short-lived sitcom, Two of a Kind, in Meanwhile, their multimedia empire continued to expand.

Offers came pouring in, when executives of other companies began to realize that nearly anything that had their name and image would sell, and usually sell very well.

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Get Together for a Lunch Date!

Oate series of Olsen plsen adventure novels, published by Scholastic, sold in the millions, and they also branched out into a clothing line, introduced at Wal-Mart in When Mattel began selling a line of Mary-Kate and Ashley dolls, only the company's flagship product, Barbie, outsold them. I love her very much. I hope they're happy. News, "I'd like to congratulate Mary-Kate and wish her and her husband all the happiness in the world. And neither Mary-Kate nor Ashley were involved. Mary-Kate and Olivier have always been big fans of the New York Knicks, attending games together since they first started dating in And that didn't stop once they tied the knot! They've attended plenty of games over the last year.

Most recently, they were spotted getting cozy on a double-date with Ashley Olsen and her new man Richard Sachs. Mary-Kate has continued building on her career success with Ashley, focusing a lot of time on their fashion lines. Sephora, Instagram Social Media Debut:

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