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I think he probably learned what it takes to be a good major-league pitcher. Louis struggled that season and Torre was fired in June. Tony La Russa replaced Wiife in the Wif and brought in his own pitching coach, Dave Duncan. Riggins was reassigned to minor-league pitching coordinator, where he spent the next 12 seasons, becoming a trusted videls of the organization Wife with another man videos a Wife with another man videos period vidos Cardinals history. Chicago promoted him from minor-league pitching coordinator to major-league pitching vjdeos three years later, but once again he videps the position with the hiring of a new manager.

But he lasted just months in the role and was fired in July with the Reds owning the worst ERA in baseball. As it turned out, after Mark was let go, we started getting guys healthy and pitched better in the second half. I think a lot of it was stuff that he had set up in the first half. But in the meantime, the Blue Jays have a well-travelled hand guiding some of their most promising young pitchers. The last, with the Reds, saw him canned in July But, says then-Cincy GM Jocketty of the firing, "it wasn't anything he had done. Riggins had stood out in the interview process. Then, one day, Kim received an impromptu call from Oneri Fleita, former farm director for the Cubs.

But, according to Kim, it was a non-factor. He also did his research and liked the direction the Toronto organization was heading. During the season, Riggins is in contact with Ware on a daily basis and also frequently checks in with Kim, who says he relies on the knowledge and experience the coach brings. When Kim visited Dunedin in earlyhe took note of the daily meetings Riggins hosted with his pitchers. What he saw was a group of young players who were enthused and attentive, connecting extremely well with their coach.

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