Best Gay Hookup Spots In Los Angeles

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Share your own favorite spots Bet the comments! Catering to a mix of mostly Latino, hipster and drag crowds, but welcome to all, The New Jalisco billed itself as, "The Only Gay Bar in Downtown" until when Loos opened down the street. A neighborhood oasis, Akbar is intimate, casual, friendly, no-frills, cheap, and you're more likely to hear Kate Bush on the jukebox than Meghan Trainor. It's more like a gay Cheers—everybody knows your name, from the bartender to the door man to the DJ. If you're not on a first name basis at the beginning of the night you will be by the end. But similar to The Abbey, Akbar is extremely straight-friendly—the more the merrier!

Mario Diaz's monthly Full Frontal Disco is a must for dance lovers, and the summer's Bears in Space parking lot beer busts on Sundays are perfect for cooling off and getting it on. Leather daddies, bears, and those who love them frequent this sleazy establishment, which offers three pool tables, wet underwear contests, a sometimes debaucherous bathroom trough, and inexpensive hoomup of Bud Light. The Eagle is cash-only which loa adds to the decadent vibe of underground gay bars of yore, which is why you may want to ask your girlfriends to Best gay hookup spots in los angeles this angeels out and meet you for a last call dance at Akbar afterward.

As a longtime Hokup Nuys establishment, it's worth every moment of the trek out here, especially on Thursdays when karaoke nights take over. Saturday nights are Club Shine, a transgender lesbian dance night, and are definitely their most popular. With cheap drinks, a pool table, diverse groups of girls and tgirls alike and a few stripper poles on the dance floorThe Ox is an often overlooked gem and we should do what we can to keep it alive. The Oxwood Inn is located at Oxnard St. It's dark and dingy, but also cavernous and loud. Fubar's go-go boys are mostly covered in tattoos and are scruffier than their WeHo counterparts.

The most popular night is Thursday when BFD takes over, featuring the Big Fat Dick contest where patrons have their naughty bits photographed and voted on by the crowd at the end of the night. Hopefully you can either leave as the winner or leave with him. As a newcomer you'll feel immediately welcome to the Club Cobra family from the door guy to the go-go boys to the hunky bartenders. Club Cobra also holds the distinction of having the only trans night in Los Angeles with Transfix on Thursday nights. Happy hour and free entry is offered nightly from 9pm to Weary of seeing more than they cared to in the shrubbery, of being propositioned on the street, of having to clean up used condoms, residents demanded that something be done.

Los Angeles' 10 Most Essential LGBTQ Bars And Clubs

A police crackdown ensued, largely quieting the scene--but also stirring dissension and complaints that authorities overreacted. One night he was questioned while standing in front of his duplex with his dog. Officers wanted to know where he lived, demanding identification and threatening to cite him for having his dog unleashed. It's a quality of life issue," he stressed. The police did it in a gay-friendly manner. The cruisers have all but disappeared, but controversy lingers over "No cruising" and "No U-turn" signs placed on the boulevard at the beginning of the year. Many in the neighborhood say they have been effective.

Others contend that the signs, which forbid more than two trips past the same spot in six hours, are illegal because the city's anti-cruising ordinance was designed to control a quite different situation: It doesn't matter to Farr any more. Disenchanted with community bickering as well as the police, he moved to the Bay Area in June. The flare-up in gay-friendly Silver Lake raised delicate questions about community values. But it also has broader dimensions: Once again, complaints were voiced about enforcement of lewd conduct laws, an issue with a long history.

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