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Smith Goes to Town Described by Native A native of Lidice, Ladislaw Klml, l who now lives in Cleveland, will describe the beauties of the picturesque village before it was ruth- lessl destroyed by the Nazis. Grace Moore, returning by bomber trom Canada after appearances in soldier benefits and opera, will make her fourth visit to the "Great Artists Series," Monday at 8 p. When Freddy Martin's orchestra takes a guest ride aboard the Bandwagon Sunday evening at 8: Thompson, publisher of the Chicago Times, will lend an Insider's voice to the discussion when the University of Chicago Round Table meets Sunday afternoon at 1: McKeon, dean of the division of humanities of the U.

For two hours we Brothels near me in seversk pri- vates, non - commissioned officers and commissioned officers move tor- ward under a broiling tropical sun to receive their decorations from Maj. Kenney of Gardiner, Me. Approximately men received the awards, representing; citations issued over a period of months, Paoli dam hate story sex scene 75 receiving more than one decora- tion. The awards included distinguished service crosses, silver stars, distinguished flying crosses, purple hearts and soldier's medals. The ceremony was staged on a wide airdrome runway hacked out of the jungle, with rows of huge Fly- Ing Fortresses forming a grim background.

Among the outstanding winners of more than one decoration was Lt. Joseph M, Vincent of Wilton have four sons in the service of the U. Two are in the army and two in the navy. Lawrence Vincent, 33, the eldest son, is somewhere in Australia. He was drafted in and trained in Ft. John Vincent is 21 and is an aircraft radio man in the navy. He enlisted in and took his basic training at the Great Lakes training station in Illinois. He is stationed at the Project Fox National airfield in Philadelphia. He is the only married son. Vincent, 29, enlisted in the naval reserve In March of this year and recently was assigned as assistant navy mall clerk in the main post office of the naval training station in San Diego, Calif.

Vincent, 27, is stationed at Jefferson Barracks, Mo, where he is a mechanic in the army air corps. He was drafted in June of this year. The Vincents have lived in Wilton the last 25 years. They also have a fifth son, George Jerome, 15, who is a sophomore in high school but is anxious to join his brothers if he can manage to catch up with the age limits. They have two daughters, Mrs. Marian Strand of Concord, Calif. Mike Fischer of Bismarck. Out of his prejudice against printing news t stories about snakes grew many legends, some Gov. I This gain in three and a half! But this was his attitude: Snakes got far too much publicity.

Certainly they existed, as well as swindlers and crooks, but why promote them? There were far too many more important news happenings. Re nolds Tobacco Co. One copy of this list will be posted in a public TJlaoe at or near a place where votes were cast in the last preceding election. The'election board will meet again Oct. As governor inI was in position to put a stop to it in many departments which I, or my i appointees, were supervising. Monday, October 36 R: Tark Armstrong -- General Mills 5: Gaede of Columbus, Ohio, dived into a fox hole.

T,he army officer l a n d e d smack. Gaede of Coronado, Calif. Benson company here in testing the new tempered prescription ground lenses. This process of heat - treating makes the lenses five times stronger than ordinary lenses. Benson Optical company was granted a very high priority rating to obtain the materials and gauges necessary to install this equipment. The War Production Board felt that It was essential to the general war effort that lenses be made as strong and resistant to breakage as possible. In some of the branch offices the company is hardening many thousands of pairs of prescription ground lenses for defense workers and in some instances have direct contracts with the Ordnance Department to supply this material.

Waring in Pleasure Time 6. Tooc Bethancourt Orch Take your time and break the ice with a drink. This bordello, a new addition to the Dennis Hof stable, taps in to the mystique of nearby Area 51 to serve up sex workers living out your fantasies with an extraterrestrial theme. The ladies are described as cosmic kittens, and judging by the photos, they are a pretty diverse bunch. VIP suites for overnight stays are available. Just a 1 hour drive north from Las Vegas. It is a 17 bed brothel with 3 VIP bungalows for customers seeking the ultimate night of luxury. Chicken Ranch has its own Leghorn Bar where you can grab a couple of drinks before or after entering the brothel.

An hour drive from the strip. Western Nevada Brothels 69 Moonlite Rd. Carson City, NV Phone: It has been featured in several TV shows Cathouseand has been involved in a number of publicity stunts over the years. InNatalie Dylan announced on The Howard Stern Show that she would sell her virginity on the Bunny Ranch website and consummate the act in the famous brothel on-site.

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Rumor has it that Mr. Bunny Ranch has been open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, days a year since when it first opened. It has over ladies licensed for your entertainment, with between available at any given time. You can find a willing accomplice for just about every fantasy imaginable. It appears the brothel is currently undergoing extensive renovation to compete with the other popular cathouses around Kit Kat Drive. Their menu includes a variety of services, from simple massage and happy ending to full service. On their roster you will find a diverse mix of ladies; some American, others from all around the globe.

World famous porn star, J. Full service comes with extra options: This one is in Carson City. Please note however that the ladies who work in Squeeze Play are not employed by the nearby brothel. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days nrar week. This Brothels near me in seversk one of three brothels wrestling for your attention on Kit Kat Drive. Check their Facebook Page for regular updates and special offers. As you might have guessed, there is also a Love Ranch South. The southern branch is located in Crystal, Nevada. The closest is located in the north-east, somewhat detached from the other major adult venues.

They have services ranging from sensual massages, full service, up to a super VIP party. A promotion you are unlikely to find outside of Nevada! Got any recommendations from our list above? Have any of the details changed?

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