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Dating korean guys Differences How different can 2 Asian cultures get? My boyfriend and I have our fair share of cultural differences. It may seem interesting at first, but it could eventually break a couple. We all have our differences, cultural or otherwise. Maintaining a long-distance relationship is no joke. It takes a huge amount of trust, independence and mobile data. A man who thinks woman are not equal to men. Almost whenever I tell a friend that my boyfriend is Korean, I get a curious look with the same question: Most Koreans will tell you that this no longer applies to the younger generation.

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In a more traditional context, mothers treat their sons better than their daughters, Datkng males have a higher chance to be promoted as compared to a female. Females are given the role as the weaker being, and Dating korean guys follow their man, cook and care for the family. In Korea, domestic helpers are rare and expensive, so most Korean ladies end up quitting their day job, putting their family as the priority. It is very common to see stay-at-home mums in Korea and as such, fuelling the dominance of the Father Figure of the family. We have our differences, for sure, but the key to a successful relationship is to communicate and understand what is important to your partner.

They say love transcends borders.

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