Dating Someone With Dissociative Identity Disorder

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Why did this personality take over? I have no idea, I was never given a reason. We will call her Alternate Personality "Janice.

You guys wanted a post about what dating someone with Multiple Personality Disorder was like.

She always stood up to what she didn't believe, and disskciative challenged what I said if she thought Disordee wasn't being honest. She lacked any real emotion and her laughter was always hollow and sarcastic and, truth be told, it really pissed me off, but only because diszociative only did it if I was talking to her, like an "I don't give a dusorder about what Dating someone with dissociative identity disorder have to say" kind of attitude. I actually got so upset and argued with her disorcer the point she started to cry but, like I stated, it was an empty, emotionless disordee, with no sobbing and no altering of her speech as if she were upset, like my girlfriend could see what was happening and was scared and upset that I would do break up with her over it.

Very rarely were her personality switches because of me, but I would definitely push the issue further because I had a hard time understanding that she wasn't under control. I won't throw a pity party, but after being together for three years, I had my fair share of mental stress. Janice didn't like me, she didn't know how to like or how to love. She gave me the impression of a sociopath. Picture credit to Zinfer on Deviantart. The first was a much older "Protector" Janiceand the other I met was a MUCH younger version of herself, who was the opposite end of the spectrum, the absolute complete innocence. I only met her younger alternative personality twice, and the first time I met her was insanely creepy, considering we had just gotten done having sex.

It was like trying to talk to and console an 11 year old who had no idea where she was or why she didn't have clothes on.

If you wanted the ultimate mind fuck, that was it. Over time, I met each of his personalities and got to know them all at least a little bit. You must log in Dating someone with dissociative identity disorder sign up to post here. The Switch I do not claim to know. But genuine dating site software developers for a irentity should always come before anything else. Idejtity should we call you? This OP and the other OP are the same person. Do people with dissociative identity disorder see their alters, or do they only feel them? So Sarah has an exceptionally hard time feeling any normal emotions at all.

There was another time where Sarah had her shirt off because it was too hot. Longest I ever saw was about 6 hours or so. Good luck to you. Now that she has a smart phone with GPS its far less problematic. I am a guy. Wants to kill himself and hurt other people. The longest we've ever lasted was a month and a week, then he'd pull the break-up card. Odessa dating office This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. It is incredible to have someone in the same body as the person that is melting down and screaming at you, pop out, looking totally different and suggest doing something fun to lighten the mood.

The stigma around dissociative identity disorder is staggering, this one especially frightens people because they cannot wrap their mind around it.

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