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I needed to use the washroom, and the light inside was not working. The picture of the VIP room on the website is accurate, though I have to say the finishing on the walls and floor are a bit rough. In my head I was expecting some kind of fancy spa type of atmosphere similar to what you see in porn but that was not the case. The room was still serviceable and you forget about it once the action begins. The one woman started up a music playlist using youtube on her phone speaker. The ladies filled up the tub and we all got undressed and started in the soapy part. It was quite intimidating for me, being in there naked with these 2 soapy women.

They did know what to do and how to work as a team in the Jacuzzi. They did all sorts of soapy washing, I was pretty nervous, but they knew how to do it. The Jacuzzi had this neck cushion thing for me to lie back on, but it wasn't really that comfortable. They joked about seeing if I could get up to 10 shots Following the soapy part, we next get into the bed. The bed part is not soapy. It is an oil massage. I lie on my front. They massage up and down my body for quite some time, using their hands and their bodies. This actually really intense and I was literally shaking at some points, as my body does have some erogenous spots that you would not expect.

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The two ladies kept chatting back Fih forth in Thai, and I found it a little annoying. Maybe if I do this in qomen future, I would only get 1 lady. Then I flipped over and they got to the main business. They know how to handle a man's equipment, but it was pretty intense for me and some of the stimulation was too much and I had to ask them to be more gentle. Many techniques to stimulate circumcised men are too much for uncut people like me, since I have a lot more nerve endings and thinner glans skin.

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