The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Lesson Plans

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Something from life would always spark Mitty's daydreams, what caused at least three of these. Give a brief description of the dream and what caused the reality. Use the same form that you did on Walter. Do you think that she intended to act the way that she did?

What is the moral of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty?"

Why did Walter Mitty imagine himself facing miitty firing squad? Evaluate what he was saying about his life with such a statement. Compare and contrast the movie and short story. Which did you prefer?

What made the movie more interesting and comical than the story? Walter Mitty is driving so fast so he thinks he is a 1 pilot. Mitty brings him back to reality. The Love sucking in bacau pocketa, pocketa, pocketa The secret life of walter mitty lesson plans repeated in most of his daydreams. Mitty is characterized mostly through her interaction with Walter and his jolting back to reality. She is going to the beauty parlor and Walter is going to get overshoes and have the chains taken off the tires from winter. Renshaw is Walter's doctor. Mitty wants his to go and have a check-up because he is acting so strangely.

Walter drives around a while and passes a hospital. Then he begins to fantasize that he is fixing a machine in the hospital with a broken piston with a fountain pen. Clearly, these are stereotypes and since they are referred to as gender 'roles,' you can say that being a man or woman is a way of acting. Therefore, the woman can be rational and expressive through action just as a man can. Walter never changes externally because he rarely deviates in his outward behavior of inaction, the antithesis of his action-packed imaginary world. In this story, it is Mrs.

Mitty who is the dominant figure at least externally and it is Mr. Mitty who retreats into his own mind. This story also comments on the dullness of the middle-class adult. In this case, we sympathize with Mrs. Mitty's frustration but we also understand Walter's need to escape from the dullness of the repetitive, responsible life of an adult. Walter's feelings of alienation may have started with some bad breaks beyond his control, but his alienation is sustained by his own daydreaming. To me, this is more of a social commentary about the working class than a moral. However, Walter could benefit by using his imagination in his external life. This may lead him to social and personal successes and might end the rut he is in.

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