First Date Then In Tuy Hoa

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Soldiers blame these problems on thne morale and plee for withdrawl, doubting whether their involvement in Vietnam is still necessary. The dimensions of the drug theb are only one indication of what has happened to military morale in Indochina. Tuy Hoa was built in for the U. Air Force at a cost of 57 million dollars. The Air Force used the base and its hundred-foot runways for three years and then decided it was no longer a necessity. The South Vietnamese government declined to accept the base, claiming it had no use for such a large facility. Through some delicate maneuvering Tuy Hoa was pawned off on a rather reluctant U.

Declining Morale Sparks Racial Tension in U.S. Troops

The fight spilled outside and during the tut melee someone threw a fragmentation grenade. Fortunately, no one was killed but 26 men were wounded. It is now obvious that the fight was racially oriented. On the surface it would seem that the whites and the blacks First date then in tuy hoa along together. During recreational periods they play baseball and other sports in harmony. Away from the playing fields, both races tend to segregate themselves. Interestingly, during both wars, the Hun's most valuable uses were in close air support for ground troops, and as principle strike aircraft because it could deliver its ordnance on target at treetop level at full speed.

On 3 JanuaryMajor Bobby G. Neeld and then 1st Lt. The next day, 4 JanuaryMaj. Bobby Neeld was the pilot of the lead aircraft, call sign "Taco 81;" and 1st Lt.

Mitchell Lane was the pilot of the 2 aircraft, call sign "Taco 82;" that comprised a 2-aircraft theb on a Troop Assault Preparation mission against enemy positions near a landing zone LZ. Taco flight departed Phan Rang Airfield at hours on the briefed mission and was to return to their base afterward. However, after completing the strike mission, Taco flight was again diverted to Phan Rang Airfield by Tuy Hoa Operational Control due to deteriorating weather conditions. At the time Taco flight changed flight paths, Maj. Neeld had a fuel load of lbs. Lane had lbs. The fuel requirement for the flight from Tuy Hoa to Phan Rang was lbs.

Neeld and 1st Lt.

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