Girl Singing In Balkh

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Soon, he came to be known as Mehar or "Mahiwal" buffalo herder. Sohni's marriage[ edit ] Girl singing in balkh love of Sohni Gigl Mahiwal Gifl a commotion within the Kumhar community. It was not acceptable that a GGirl from this community would marry an outsider, so her parents immediately arranged her marriage with another potter. On the day the blkh marriage party of that potter arrived at her house, Sohni felt helpless and lost. She was sent off to the dinging house in a Doli palanquin. Izzat Baig renounced the world and started living as a faqir hermit. He eventually moved to a small hut across the river Chenab from Sohni's new home.

In the dark of night, when the world was fast asleep, the lovers would meet by the river. Izzat would come to the riverside and Sohni would come to meet him swimming with the help of an inverted hard baked pitcher inverted so that it would not sink. He would regularly catch a fish and bring it for her. It is said that once, when due to high tide he could not catch a fish, Mahiwal cut a piece of his thigh and roasted it. Sohni didn't realise this at first but then she told Izzat that this fish tastes different. When she kept her hand on his leg, she realised what Mahiwal had done and this only strengthened their love for each other. Tragic end[ edit ] Sohni swims to meet her lover Mahiwal Meanwhile, rumours of their romantic rendezvous spread.

She informed her mother, Sohni's mother-in-law, and instead of telling Sohni's husband who was away on a business tripthe women decided to take the decision in Ij own hands and finish the matter. The next day, the sister-in-law removed the hard baked pitcher and replaced it with an unbaked one. That night, when Sohni tried to cross the river with the help of the pitcher, it dissolved in the water and Sohni drowned. From the other side of the river, Mahiwal saw Sohni drowning and jumped into the river to save her and drowned as well. For now, it is free, although there are plans to charge fees in future.

Sohni Mahiwal

This kind of institution would be inconceivable in southern Afghanistan, where the Taleban regularly torch normal schools attended by girls. Women and music are a double taboo for the extremists, and even in the north, Girl singing in balkh are many in northern Afghanistan who think public musical performance is inappropriate for women. Mariam, 16, plays the guitar and wants to be a successful singer and musician. She faced a lot of opposition before her family would let her sign up for the school. As with other girls at the school, she is regularly accused of wanting to be a dancer - seen as the ultimate shame. When people see me on the street, they insult me even if I'm not going to the school.

They say, 'Look, the girl wants to become a dancer'. It was a problem at the beginning, but now I'm used to it. The aim was to move over to a fee-paying system to cover running costs and pay the staff, he said. In Mazar-e-Sharif, the service would be free for another six months. But teaching girls music has already proved controversial.

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