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This new edition, the latest volume in a series of historical dictionaries of the Latin Wiith nations, has more pages and is wih more attractive than the previous antoniio as far as qith and page design are concerned. The dictionary consists of more than 2, alphabetically arranged entries, a new preface by Suchlicki entitled "Cuba beyond Castro," a historical chronology, a page bibliography, 10 maps, and an index. The dictionary's entries follow a strict A-to-Z format and range in length from four and a half pages Fidel Castro's to a single sentence Eduardo Abela's, for example: The biographical entries include several hundred individuals, from Indian chieftain Hatuey?

The majority of the people about whom biographies are written have been chosen because of their importance in politics or international relations. Numerous entries are devoted to Cuba's colonial governors, some of them rather obscure, as well as to some lackluster U. While a few authors, musicians, and painters are included in the dictionary, the work reflects a strong bias in favor of political figures over those of the cultural, religious, and economic realms. Cubans of the diaspora are also underrepresented. Significantly, for example, there is no entry on Roberto Goizueta, the [End Page ] late, long-time president of the Coca-Cola corporation.

As far as balance between pre- and post historical figures, however, the author appears to have struck a very good balance. While overall a reliable and accurate source of reference, the Historical Dictionary exhibits a few weaknesses and errors that should be noted. The most important figures of Cuban Art graduated from San Alejandro and placed Cuban Art in a prominent position globally. A degree from San Alejandro is an important endorsement for a Cuban artist. Actress and Theater Director. Un diploma de San Alejandro es un respaldo importante para un artista cubano.

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Excellence in Business Awards. The board of the SC Hispanic Chamber created the Evelyn Lugo Visionary Award to recognize extraordinary leaders in the Hispanic community whose lives are devoted to making sure those that do not normally have a voice can have a say in the decisions that affect their lives. These are leaders who, through their extraordinary vision and courageous work are improving the lives of many people in South Carolina. They are thinkers and doers—people who pursue their vision with determination and impact. More importantly, these are leaders who display a selfless style of leadership that is focused on making their communities a better place to live, work, worship, conduct business and raise a family.

Both of these community leaders have invested their lives into the community of North Charleston. Their vision is to close the gap between the Hispanic community and government, non profit organizations, agencies, churches, and businesses. Charleston Hispanic Liaison, not only connecting the community with services but making sure that the community gets involved in volunteerism and fostering awareness of social issues within the community. Her latest and most important role is with a theatrical group called Art Pot, where she offers free acting workshops to children and adults in the community, giving them the opportunity to develop their acting potential and art for theater.

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