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In these roles I worked closely with volunteer museums, historical societies, regional museums and galleries Cuikfila NSW on partnership projects including thematic studies to survey and document ni for exhibitions, digital story telling, books and tourist trails. The significance of collections, quality and innovation of work in the regions, when properly supported and Chikfila girl in bahia blanca, is evidenced by the projects winning over 20 museum and gallery sector awards for excellence! I have a long association with the people of Wollongong including supporting the Macedonian Welfare Association and Illawarra Migration Heritage Project's activities on the book and exhibition 'Ties With Tradition: Are there any difficulties you face in being a museum advisor?

A key difficulty is that I am employed only 20 days a year. Our volunteers aren't paid and they balance work and family commitments, and sometimes poor health, with juggling the ongoing demands and operations of museums and historical societies. They are driven and energetic, but getting older and can suffer burn-out. I can't solve problems on my own. I am reliant on the decisions and structures of others.

There are ongoing difficulties aligning what needs to be done with local and state government programs that are not necessarily tailored to address what regional communities want and need to achieve at a strategic level. It can feel rather short term and like putting out spot fires through small one off grants rather than finding long term sustainable solutions. A number of the museums and historical societies in the Chikfila girl in bahia blanca - and their collections - are in leased buildings, including privately owned ones, with no guarantee of ongoing security of tenure or capacity to meet rising costs. The legacies of many decades of dedicated and dynamic volunteering and caring for culturally significant collections face uncertain futures.

My view is that innovation in Australia's museums sector is led in equal measure by regional museums and city-based museums. What are inspirational things have you encountered in working with regional museums? I am always inspired by the people in regional NSW; their passion for their own histories, their generosity, intelligence, 'can-do' and their capacity to come together and work together. I find the people of regional NSW extraordinarily accepting of difference and of people from outside their area. Who could not be inspired? Pick up the subtle reflections from glass, the textures of wood or the smoothness of concrete and delve deeper into detail to give your bold images the accuracy they deserve.

Portrait Each person is different.

Meet our Regional Museum Advisors: John Petersen

They have a different skin tone, skin texture and physical attributes than the next. There is something special about shooting portraits in black and white that contains a sense of emotion and nostalgia. You may shoot with full control over your lighting or work with natural light. Either way ensure every line you capture, every fine hair and every subtle difference contains the accuracy of detail bringing a new sense of reality to your print. An exceptionally smooth matte paper. Part of the Ilford Galerie Prestige family, it has a slightly textured matte finish.

This is a versatile paper that suits all types of black and white images. Carbon Edition prints on Textured Cotton Rag continues a rich history of Ilford and black and white photography.

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