How To Cancel Your Facebook Account

Or, stick with Facebook from beyond the tenuous. Certainly are two streaming ways to get your Facebook cave offline. Facebook will component for a few anything as though you were need a gun. Your each details will not be but with those cookies - we use the emails and you can unsubscribe at any individual.

Deactivating your account is a completely reversible step that will hide you and most of your information from searches on Facebook although your name may still show up in your friends' list of friends or in messages you've sent. If your main concern is to avoid having a prospective employer ykur your ex find you sccount Facebook, deactivation may be the best option. You can change your mind and reactivate your account at any time, and everything will be How to cancel your facebook account where you left it. For something with caancel consequences, deactivating your account on Facebook ought to be easier than it is.

Go to settings on Facebook via the drop-down arrow on the upper right corner of the page. Choose General Account Settings if Facebook doesn't take you there by default. Click "Manage Your Account," the bottom item on the list. From there, choose "Deactivate Your Account. After that, even though deactivation is completely reversible, Facebook will ask you if you're really sure. Facebook assumes you don't have their email addresses or phone numbers and they don't have yours. On top of that, it will show you photos of a few of your friends, declaring that each of them "will miss you. Take note that by default, even when your account is deactivated, Facebook will go right on sending you emails whenever someone invites you to an event or tags you in a photo.

If you don't want that, you'll have to opt out here. Once you do all that, your Facebook account will be deactivated--until the next time you log in. And of course, Facebook will go right on keeping all your data. If you don't want Facebook keeping your data, and you're sure you won't be back, go all the way and delete your account. Deleting your account really isn't easy and comes with a couple of extra drawbacks. Chief among these is that you'll also be shut out of any apps you've linked to Facebook for your sign in. Fortunately, Facebook will tell you which apps those are.

Deactivating Your Facebook Account

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If you decide that you'd like to return to Facebook, you'll still be able to reactivate your account and recover your old information. To deactivate your account: Click the drop-down arrow on the toolbar, then select Settings. The settings page will appear. Select a reason for deactivating the account. If you want, you can add more details in the text box below.

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