Just For Sex In Damme

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He took up kickboxing Just for sex in damme fought his way through the ranks, ending his professional career with only one loss. He kept fighting when he moved from Europe to LA with the dream of becoming an action star, speaking broken English and with little money to his name, working menial gigs and hustling through Hollywood before climbing from bit parts to a breakout role in the legendary Bloodsport, and then steadily to global superstardom. And then came the fall, that darkness that so often comes with the spotlight, as brutal as the beat down his character Frank Dux receives at the hands of Chong Li. There were painful,highly public divorces, love strained under the weight of fame.

Our hero was wounded. A true fighter never quits. So began the long climb back up. After enduring a life of such visible ups and downs, maybe the proper response is that which Van Damme has seemingly arrived at: At one point near the climax of the film, Van Damme breaks the fourth wall and speaks directly to the audience in an emotional reflection on his career, his struggles with substance abuse, and his multiple failed marriages. Van Damme executes his trademark perfect splits, each foot on the mirror of a different truck as they speed, backwards, down a track, Van Damme suspended between them.

And now we have Jean-Claude Van Johnson, which offers a kaleidoscopic universe of duplicate Van Dammes wrapped up in a Pynchonesque metanarrative. But because I knew in that shoot that I would be able to go back to Jean-Claude Van Damme, I was not afraid to get out of my comfort zone, to be totally clownish, because I knew I would return to the version of me that people know. Is a man whose life has been lived on display constructing a hall of mirrors so that the real Van Damme can hide within an army of reflections? If anything, the layered identities only allow him to reveal more shades of his personality. I am enjoying every moment of it, and I am very happy to see it out in the world.

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