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Murcia has a rich history tied to the Jewish community. Cartagena is the region's second largest city and one of the main Spanish naval bases.

Region of Murcia

Sights include its recently restored Roman Theatre among its numerous other Roman remains and a number of modernist buildings made for its murcla fortifications. Lorca is a large medieval town at the foothills of which its famous castle Loking. It is murrcia second largest municipality of Spain by area. Caravaca de la Cruzor simply Caravaca, is one of the five official Holy cities for Catholicism since it is claimed to house part of the Lignum Crucisthe Holy Cross. The castles itinerary[ edit ] Castle of Lorca the interior of the region of Murcia has plenty of castles and fortifications showing the importance of these frontier lands between the Christian Castile and the Muslim Andalusia.

Castle of Jumillaa former Roman fortification turned by the Moors into an Alcazaba.

The Castilian Kings and the marquis of Villena gave it its appearance of Gothic royal residence. Castle of Moratallaone of the largest castles of the province, built to defend the town of Moratalla from the invaders from the nearby Muslim Kingdom of Granada. Castle of Mulaof Muslim origin, but as with many castles, eventually restored and renovated. Now Love sucking in bade home of the Centre Looking for small ladies in murcia the Interpretation of Cartagena's History. Lorca Castlealso known as the Fortress of the Sun.

They have been declared of National Tourist Interest. One of the major destinations of Murcia is the Mar Menor or Small Sea, the largest natural lake of Spain and the largest salty lagoon in Europelocated by the Mediterranean. Mar Menor's muds are famous for its therapeutic properties. The tourism needs have forced the area to add all kinds of facilities and services. The construction boom shows the huge amount of estates, including the controversial holiday resorts of Polaris World and second residences, as well as numerous malls.

Thanks to the orography and climate of the region of Murcia, these lands are suitable for golf courses, a fact that has been very controversial because of the need for water, which Murcia lacks, being a very dry region. When adding in the municipalities of Alcantarilla, Alguazas, Beniel, Molina de Segura, Santomera, and Las Torres de Cotillas, the metropolitan area hasinhabitants making it the twelfth most populous metropolitan area in Spain. Nevertheless, due to Murcia's large municipal territory, its population density hab. The majority of the population identify as Christian.

There is also a sizeable Muslim population as well as a growing Jewish community. Its tower was completed in and shows a blend of architectural styles. The first two stories were built in the Renaissance style —while the third is Baroque. The bell pavilion exhibits both Rococo and Neoclassical influences. The Glorieta, which lies on the banks of the Segura River, has traditionally been the center of the town. It is a pleasant, landscaped city square that was constructed during the 18th century. The ayuntamiento city hall of Murcia is located in this square.

The name Plateria refers to plata silveras this street was the historical focus for the commerce of rare metals by Murcia's Jewish community. The other street, Traperia, refers to trapos, or cloths, as this was once the focus for the Jewish community's garment trade. Several bridges of different styles span the river Segura, from the Puente de los Peligros18th century stone bridge with a Lady chapel on one of its sides; to modern bridges designed by Santiago Calatrava or Javier Manterola ; through others such as the Puente Nuevoan iron bridge of the early 20th century. Castillo de Monteagudo Other notable places around Murcia include: On its interior there are Tuscan columns, and since it hosts the city archives and usually houses exhibitions.

This traditional festival portrays the events which lead up to and include the Crucifixion according to the New Testament. Life-sized, finely detailed sculptures by Francisco Salzillo — are removed from their museums and carried around the city in elegant processions amid flowers and, at night, candles, pausing at stations which are meant to re-enact the final moments before the crucifixion of Jesus. The most colorful festival in Murcia may come one week after Holy Weekwhen locals dress up in traditional huertano clothing to celebrate the Bando de la Huerta Orchard parade on Tuesday and fill the streets for The Burial of the Sardine in Murcia. This whole week receives the name of Fiestas de Primavera Spring Fest.

Murcia's Three Cultures International Festival happens each May and was first organized with the intent of overcoming racism and xenophobia in the culture.

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