Above Ground Pool Heater Hook Up

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Normally a solar heater will have much lower associated energy costs but the actual pool heating maybe inconsistent. Determine which works best for your pool and weather. Even if the weather is hot out, this does not ensure that the water will be warm.

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Step 1 — Location The area where the heater will be placed should be level. It is also not a good idea to place the heater directly on the ground. A cement slab is best but stone patio blocks will also work well. If the heater is powered by gas then it should be placed near the gas supply or gas line. Solar heaters will not popl a connection to the house and can be placed anywhere, though a hexter spot is best. Step 2 — Water Connection Normally the heater will have Above ground pool heater hook up water connection line grund the pump and the return output.

This way clean water will enter the heater and then from the heater the warm water will go back into the pool. It will be necessary to gut out a section of the pump return to install an elbow joint. A hacksaw will easily do the job. Run a hose or pipe from the pump to the heater input and then another line from the heater output to the pool return. Glue all of the pipes together using PVC cement. Step 3 — Electrical Line Check to see if you can install the electrical line yourself or if a professional electrician is needed. Cost While the initial cost of the above-ground pool heater can determine which heater you purchase, you must also take into consideration the installation costs and the costs of operation.

Natural gas heaters operate more efficiently, but availability depends on where you live. Choosing a propane pool heater means paying for the installation of a propane tank that can weigh up to pounds. An electric heat-pump draws the heat from the surrounding air making it less expensive to operate over an extended period of time, but it loses much of its heating capabilities once the ambient temperatures drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Solar pool heaters harness the power of the sun to heat your pool, making them the most energy-efficient heater. However, the weather in your area may reduce their effectiveness, and you must maintain the solar panels so that the heater continues to operate. Most manufacturers of above-ground pool heaters strongly suggest purchasing a solar blanket for use along with your heater to avoid heat loss when you're not using the pool. Installation Unless you have a professional background with a history of gas, plumbing and electrical work, hiring a professional to install your above-ground pool heater is a must. Failing to install the heater properly can reduce its effectiveness and could cause equipment corrosion resulting in expensive repairs.

Where you install the pool heater can vary depending on the type of fuel and local codes, so ensure to follow both the codes and the installation requirements for your heater. The unattractiveness of a pool heater may require installing some creative landscaping to hide it, but keep in mind the necessity of a heater cover to protect the above-ground pool heater from the elements when choosing how to disguise it.

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