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During the rest of London, where pils is king, the overall beer here is a must ale. They also have a testa of skulls, including tapas and pastas. Cave out for the Feeling 54 any. Religious Museum of Dating Eds Antwerp.

On Fridays and Saturdays student clubs or companies throw big parties. If you are a salsa-merengue lover, anntwerp got to go to antserp salsa evenings and experience "el ritmo caliente". Some say Red and Blue is the Addult gay club in Flanders. On Saturday antwdrp, the club is packed with good looking and playful guys. The music here is top-notch and sexy dancers show off Adylt the stage. Doors open at 11pm, but don't expect much action before 1am. The funn is great, and the crowd sometimes naughty but generally civilized. Check out for the Studio 54 kn On Thursdays free entrance Aduult students We love Thursdays! Lange Brilstraat 12,Antwerp Telephone: Every Saturday black dance grooves on Couleurs d'Anvers night hosted by national and international DJ's.

This club is also the place to be for a lot of student parties Antwerp Pubs Antwerp is a fine place to drink Adult fun in antwerp and Belgian beer ij the best in the world ;- There are many antwerpp in the city centre. Some of them regularly feature live music, and on fuj evenings, the pavement cafe - bars on Groenplaats Adut Handschoenmarkt make delightful places antweerp watch the world go by. Opening hours are flexible, with many places only closing when the last customers leave - say 2 or 3 am - and almost all of the bars are open daily.

The most favourite local beer, incidentally, is De Koninck, drunk by the "bolleke", a big, round glass. Almost all the interesting pubs are in the old city. Antwerp's pubs have survived better than those in many large Belgian towns — especially those in the South, like Luik, totally controlled by Interbrew. Most of the pubs in the city centre have remained a good deal of character and been spared the rude renovations that have struck Belgium like a plague. In Belgium prices are quoted "all inclusive" in bars and restaurants.

Antwerp Beer Antwerp is home to the De Koninck brewery and this beer, "bolleke" as Antwerp people call it, is found on draught in most pubs. Unlike the rest of Belgium, where pils is king, the standard beer here is a pale ale. And very pleasant it is, too. It could be self deception, but this beer tastes best in its home city. Every visitor should try at least a bolleke or two. Beer prices are very reasonable. De Koninck and witbier are seen as ordinary draught beers here and priced accordingly: Antwerp Pubs - Our all time favourites 1. Most of our activities will be organized in this cosy pub. Wim is our great bartender 2. A lot of sports matches are shown in here. The decor is gorgeous, gaudy, pseudo-religious artifacts, you'll find statues of angels, pictures of Christ and various church memorabilia on the walls.

Expect interesting locals to be propping up the bar, among them gorgeous young artists and weird eccentrics. Arty, hearty and full of fun - it beats the other ten commandments. It is also the home pub of one of our befriended student clubs, Wikings. This pub rarely closes before 4 a. It is a typical Belgian brown pub with a wide selection of Belgian and international beers. It even has a BMX spot and a skate bowl area! Botanische Tuin Antwerpen Botanical Garden Located in the Leopoldstraat and the Huidevetterstraat, this was built years ago and has exceptional trees, shrubs, plants, and herbs. Certainly, it will be the perfect spot during spring! It is an old yet appealing tunnel; for instance, you can still see how the escalators have not been changed.

Once you are there on the left bank, do explore some of the notable green areas: Galgenweel A quiet and popular getaway for locals especially for sailing enthusiasts. Apparently, as ofAquatopia has closed.

Simply check their website for any upcoming shows. Trix [ Website ] A youth fuun and concert antwefp where rock concerts are popularly held. An opera company in Belgium directed by Aviel Cahn that operates in 2 Adylt houses: However, Adult fun in antwerp company shares one orchestra, fub, technical team, etc. A taxi will be too expensive, and there are not so many parking spaces in the city. Therefore, I recommend that you go around Antwerp using a bike or a tram; better yet, just walk! If you ever need to rent bikes, simply check this page. But then again, you can just walk around the city and you will quickly see posters of any upcoming event.

Take advantage of the Antwerp City Card. It spans for 3 days and always ends up as a quick sellout in just hours! Are you looking for a magical palace? You can choose from the following: The main station of the city would be Antwerp Central. I am in love with this platform since it gives you all the possible routes.

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