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Archaeologists looking at Attractive women in orkney sites on Orkney found evidence that full bodies were brought to the tombs where mourners chopped them up Attractive women in orkney scraped their flesh from bone in a violent ceremony. The Orkney islands are home to at least 72 tombs - known as 'cairns' - dating back as far as 4,BC. The ancient burial sites have been the focus of dozens of archaeological studies over the years - with experts debating the mysterious details of how the ancient islanders buried their dead. Archaeologists believe the butchering of deceased loved ones may have been carried out to remove their identity, as individuals because dead ancestors were regarded as a collective group.

Previous studies by archaeologists found the bones of the dead Orcadians mixed together at the two sites rather than intact as full skeletons. They concluded that the bodies had been burned or buried until the flesh was decomposed, before a selection of certain bones were moved to a tomb, as was the case in similar tombs in the south of England. But in her study, published in the Journal of Archaeological Science, Dr Crozier found evidence that full bodies were brought to the tombs where mourners chopped them up and scraped their flesh from bone in a violent ceremony.

She used a method called the 'zonation system' - which helps archaeologists create an unprecedented detailed database of remains to draw parallels between marks found on different bones. At the Quanterness site Dr Crozier found that the bones thought to be missing - giving evidence to the old theory - were in fact present, but broken into small pieces. She also discovered 40 incidences of 'pitting' - dents in the bones indicating they have been hit hard with a 'striking tool'. The Stromness pool was Orkney's first, opening inand now includes a steam room, sauna, spa and fitness centre. There are also smaller pools in the islands of Hoy, Westray, Sanday and Stronsay.

Ancient Orkney islanders ripped flesh from dead relatives and chopped them up

The new Kirkwall Grammar School also offers a range Attractive women in orkney fitness Attractive women in orkney and a fitness Pregnant prostitute in coteau-du-lac and here you can also hire the games hall, gym and dance studio for club activities. A number of people offer fitness classes throughout the mainland and the islands and there are seven Healthy Living Centres in Orkney which provide small gyms. Members must be trained to use the equipment and a buddy system operates. There are play parks throughout the isles and sports areas at the Market Green in Stromness and the Bignold Park in Kirkwall.

There are many sporting activities in Orkney and competitive sports are played against teams and sportsmen and women from outwith Orkney and even internationally, as in the Island Games. Many sports activities and clubs are listed on the Orkney Communities website clubs page. Sports include football, rugby, cricket, golf, triathlon, cycling, martial arts, bowling, bowls, athletics and hockey. Tankerness House Gardens is an attractive and sheltered location for a relaxing stop behind the Orkney Museum. There are also a small number of allotments for hire in Kirkwall and Stromness, through Orkney Islands Council.

Community centres and halls in Orkney also offer many sporting and leisure facilities with club nights such as badminton and five-a-side football, as well as functions and drama groups. Halls may also be hired by individuals and groups. Other leisure services include Orkney Library and Archive. The main library and archive is in Kirkwall and the other library is in Stromness. Both have reading groups and Stromness has a writing group too. There are story times for children, newspapers and magazines, CDs and DVDs to hire, free wifi access, computers, an online catalogue and even an online reading group. You can study local history through primary sources in the archive, trace your family tree with the Orkney Family History Society, view images in the photographic archive and listening to recordings in the sound archive.

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