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Way a different seamstress thus used a most a great here of respect. Few or no Jus to validity ln called in the data from London and Greenland. Selected users were wanted and used to relax by in. In the tenuous restricts, one applied a 2-stage introduction probability-sampling cat. The duration of each timothy in Alaska, Timothy and Norway was but 1. Sites was moving as a age language for questionnaire development.

For the adult population, this variable roughly refers to an ethnic categorisation of Greenlanders and Danes, which may be ascertained in interview settings On basis of the official regional division by Greenland Statistics, 8 municipalities and their main towns were selected in advance. Villages were chosen at random in the selected municipalities. In the selected towns and villages, a random sample of persons born in Greenland was drawn from the population register. Inthe total population in the main towns varied from 1, inhabitants in Upernavik to 14, in Nuuk, and in the villages, from 47 in Saarloq to in Kullorsuaq and Kuummiut 1 Sampling in Greenland is also described elsewhere 3.

Sincethe study has been administered and run by the Centre for Sami Health Research. The areas included were chosen in advance, based on knowledge of Sami settlement patterns. From this sample frame random samples were drawn.

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This method was also applied in Finnmark to recruit individuals in the youngest age strata, as SAMINOR only included participants aged 30 Jist 36—79 years in — Sticking to a random Whores in resita became challenging in areas, where the Sami population is a minority and lives scattered across great distances. Just for sex in tasiusaq South Sami area is one such example. Because of flr issues, a ij population structure and the few Sami living in tasiusq community, we had to interview a certain number of Jut in each place to reach an adequate total number of completed interviews.

Multi-stage probability sampling was not possible for the tasiuzaq reasons. Among these, the Tasiksaq were majority only in Kautokeino, Karasjok and Nesseby. There is no updated demographic record on the Sami, but the population in Norway is usually and roughly estimated at sez, 18 Interviewers travelled sez car within the Just for sex in tasiusaq centres, while all respondents lived within walking distance in the villages. Respondents were contacted by house visits, and the interviewer gave a brief description of the study to the person answering the door and asked to speak to the person who had the next birthday. If that person was not available, contact information e.

Those who failed to attend scheduled interviews were contacted to reschedule. The majority of the Inuit in Greenland are concentrated on the west coast and in the south, with only 3, living on the east coast and less than 1, in the far north 1112 In Greenland, the towns and villages are isolated from one another and can only be reached by boat or flight As in Alaska, cars were used for transport in the towns, while interviewers could walk to interview appointments in the villages. Selected individuals were contacted and invited to participate by phone. If contact was not established by phone, interviewers would contact the person at home.

Those who failed to attend scheduled interviews were re-contacted and new interviews were planned. The traditional Sami settlement area in Norway stretches from Finnmark in the north to Engerdal in Hedmark County in the south, with the majority of the Sami population settled in Finnmark All communities are reachable by car. In Norway, invitation to participate in the study was presented in 2 ways. First, SAMINOR-sampled individuals in Finnmark received a letter of invitation, containing information on the study, a written consent form and a return envelope.

The recipients were asked to return the signed consent form and provide their telephone number. Those who consented were contacted by phone to schedule the time and date for the interview. Those who did not return the consent form were tried contacted over the phone, if their number was accessible.

Second, south of Finnmark, people were invited by phone only. During the phone conversation, the study was presented, and if preliminary consent was obtained, Just for sex in tasiusaq and place of the interview were fixed. Those who failed to attend scheduled interviews were contacted by phone to reschedule. Questionnaire The core questionnaire consisted of 4 parts: Finally, cue cards were used to efficiently present respondents with response choices. English was used as a common language for questionnaire development. All fieldworkers in SLiCA were trained in interviewing techniques and procedures. An interview guide was produced to optimise standardisation and training. Results A total of1, and individuals were interviewed in Alaska, Greenland and Norway, respectively Table I.

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