Just Looking For Someone Real In Vilnius

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We foe four fully fledged seasons in Lithuania, so any time is a ral time to visit Vilnius! What are three things every visitor should see or experience? Visit a forest within the city to become one with nature. Lokking go find the Frank Zappa Just looking for someone real in vilnius. Where can I enjoy amazing views? I want to try authentic local cuisine. Where should I go and what should I order? Stepono Street and order anything on the menu since everything they offer is local. What should I take home as a souvenir? Take home a trinket by a local designer or a bottle of Lithuanian bitters. What are some common misconceptions about your city?

Alice in Wonderland themed decor with a menu touting every kind of pancake imaginable. Pretty lukewarm service but the sweets made up for it!

Vilnius Through the Eyes of a Local: Mindaugas’ Tips

Holy Donut Vokieciu g. A cool and trendy ambiance, complete with giant doughy donuts, an extensive menu of freakshakes and one ridiculously handsome avocado ,ooking. Not exactly the most traditional of settings, but an awesome place to sit a while and rea up. A cozy cafe crawling vjlnius cats. Get jiggy with someonf independent beer scene Apparently Vilnius is the cheapest place in Europe to grab a beerwhich is reason enough for a visit in my humble opinion. Prohibicije is a tiny bar tucked away in a courtyard complex linked with a handful of other local businesses. While small in size, this little haven for beer lovers offers an impressive selection of brews.

Here, we met with a local microbrewer and sampled a wide range of flavourful beers, from corn lagers to sweet pineapple IPAs. This cozy beer cellar is an easy gem to miss, tucked away in a side street, but for those who find it, it offers up over bottled varieties of Lithuanian beer to choose from DIY style from big fridges on the bottom floor. You can also book a tasting like I did here!

Cool, Alternative Things Just looking for someone real in vilnius do in Vilnius One of the most appealing parts of this city is of course its irresistible edge. Pssst Travel Addicts Club also offers an alternative tour of Vilnius that spill the beans on all sorts of local secrets. Hunt for street art Vilnius is home to a variety of cool murals, some of which have gained worldwide notoriety. I especially liked the Millo mural at Pylimo g. You can access a full list of street art locations here. Food Markets If you want to try making your own cepelinai, Vilnius has numerous markets where you can source delicious ingredients.

At Kalvariju Turgus, north of Old Town, vendors sell wild mushrooms, apples and other locally grown fruits and veggies. For household goods and clothes, those in the know head to the sprawling flea markets of Blusturgis and Gariunu. Beer Bars Lithuania has an ancient beer brewing tradition, so it makes sense the city has become a hub for craft beer. The best part about the bars here? Vilnius is said to have some of cheapest beer in Europe. Multiculturalism Vilnius is emerging as a real regional hub in Europe.

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