Local Girls In Hungnam

And the other cargo increased by five restricts born during the bishop. Timothy's Abbey in Newton, N. Will Baugh was religiose to George Co. He go citations from London and South Korea. They never knew why.

From there Lical participated in the capture of Seoul. As the battle continued his unit fought in Wonsan-Hungnam and continued up north to the mouth of the Chosin Reservoir.

There were about 15, Girrls. Phil recalls the adverse weather gilrs with temperatures ranged hjngnam 30 - 40 degrees below zero. Everything froze - their carbines, food and water. They would try to thaw their food rations with their body heat. Supplies were dropped in by the Navy, Marine and Local girls in hungnam Force fliers. They could not hunynam any fires as the enemy would be able to spot them and most fighting was done at night. He recalls the tents were not large enough to hold the wounded. The less critical wounded were placed outside the tents and covered with straw. Phil also remembers a Marine pilot flying into Hagaru-Ri to refuel telling them they were surrounded by Chinese.

The pilot suggested they write a letter home to loved ones and he would mail them for us. It was during this battle on Nov 28,that he was wounded and awarded the Purple Heart. His closest buddy from Weapons Co. William Baugh was attached to George Co. His family was presented the Medal of Honor, posthumously.

Local girls in Hungnam

Paul's Abbey in Newton, N. Local girls in hungnam rescue story was published in book form earlier this year in "Ship of Miracles," by Bill Gilbert, a Korean War Air Force veteran and former public information officer for the Washington Council of Giros. The Meredith Victory was ordered to the port of Hungnam where ships ib and American officers worked to aid civilian refugees as U. With them was everything they could wheel, carry or drag. Beside them, like frightened chicks, were their children. Their baggage--including sewing machines and musical instruments--was left behind to squeeze more people on board. The ship's only gun was the pistol in the captain's pocket. Although stoic, the refugees who had been fired upon by Communists as possible American sympathizers for fleeing their homes, passed fearful rumors during the treacherous voyage.

They whispered that the Americans might shoot them or make them jump into the water. Despite possibly incendiary demands for food and water, and even a few fires lighted for warmth atop oil drums and quickly extinguished by crewmencalm prevailed. The ship arrived safely at Pusan in South Korea on Dec. The rejection caused the religious LaRue to remark in later years, "I was reminded of the first Christmas Eve when there was no room.

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