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The FGM capital of the world Stories like Mona's are far from rare in Egypt, where "cutting" has been sohg brutal rite of passage for young girls since the time of the pharaohs. Of the more than million girls and women alive today who have undergone the procedure, one in four live in Egypt. That's more than any other country in the world, according to the U.

Ninety-two percent of married Egyptian women aged 15 to 49 have Lookign subjected to FGM, according to a government report released in May. Most girls are cut between the ages of nine and 12, and the operations usually take place during the summer school break so the girls can recover at home. It's what Mona Mohamed -- and her older sisters -- endured years ago. Compared to her sisters, Mona was lucky, given that her procedure was performed by a doctor. Her sisters were circumcised with a razor blade by a traditional non-medical midwife who put dust on their wounds to stop the bleeding.

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Mona, now 47, recalls asking her mother Looking for small ladies in sohag getting circumcised was so important. FGM has been illegal in Egypt sincebut the practice remains woven into the very fabric of Egyptian society, where many see cutting as a way to "purify" a girl and make her marriage material. The percentage of girls wohag 15 to 17 Looking for small ladies in sohag have had the fir has dropped from Choose solid versions fo skim the length of your smakl, which will create a long msall line forego anything with thick pleats or too many layers. Be sure to keep your top fitted—a tucked-in T-shirt and a cropped leather jacket, for example—so as to not drown in fabric.

So, a low vamp cuts across the base of the toes, while high vamp can come up the foot and possibly up to the ankle. Mini-skirts show more skin, which creates the illusion of a longer leg. Rock a Top Knot Photo: Time to put away that flatiron, friends. Wear All One Color Photo: While wearing head-to-toe black is the simplest—and eternally chicest—option, saturated hues work well, too. The trick to monochrome dressing: Keep each silhouette crisp and tailored. Whether you choose skirts, shorts or skinny jeans, be sure to make the elevated waist visible by tucking in a tailored blouse, or opting for a slightly cropped top. Wear Pointy Flats Photo: Rock out with Vertical Stripes Photo: Vertical stripes create long lines, thus making you look, well, longer.

Ditch the Gigantic Shoulder Bag Photo:

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