Want To Have Some Drinks In Damme

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‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’ Review: An Ode to Jean-Claude Van Damme, His Movies, and Not Much Else

Crafts from our grandparents' time are presented: Farmyard animals cannot be absent: There also is an annual plowing contest for oldtimer tractors. Walking and cycling in the Damse polders bike rental: Damke touristic routes cross the area such as the "Maerlantroute", the "Smokkelroute", the "Uilenspiegelroute" and the "Riante Polderroute". The newest one is the "Chapelroute". The "Smokkelroute" reminds us of the smuggling that went on at the border area. It will not come as a surprise that this route swings back and forth over the belgian-dutch border and this as far as Sint-Laureins and Sint-Margriete.

Somw marked routes are not really your thing, here's a few tips. A short stroll on the historic ramparts of Damme gives you a good idea on how the town defenses looked like in the 17th century; at the same time Want to have some drinks in damme see a beautiful piece of nature. A walk in the nature reserve is possible too, but only with a guide. If you want to watch birds at the turn of the seasons, then you should check out the Romboutswervedijk. This dike is situated just outside the centre of town. If you prefer a woody area, then the domain of Ryckevelde is the place to be. The old trainroute from Bruges to Maldegem via Sijsele is nowadays transformed into a peaceful walking and cycling route.

Often forgotten, but defenitely worth your while, is the creek area around Lapscheure:

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